Horizontal Directional Drilling: Utility and Pipeline Applications

Chapter 8: HDD Tracking and Surveying

8.1 HDD Tracking

One of the primary areas for technological advancement in HDD technology is in location and guidance systems. Having the technology and skill to locate the drill head is vital to the success of any HDD crossing. When HDD technology was first used for utility crossings, just completing the crossing was often considered a successful project. It was not uncommon for a bore to end up with the drill head in the middle of the street, missing the intended target. As the industry has developed and the market has grown, locating systems have become more accurate, dependable, and sophisticated. There are several manufacturers that specialize in location equipment, and it is a very competitive industry. Because of the competition, locator technology is constantly advancing to the point where it is now possible to install sewer lines on grade using HDD. The two most common methods currently in use are the walkover system and the wireline steering tool system. Both systems provide excellent performance in an interference-free environment and have an accepted place in the HDD market.

Walkover System

The type of locator most commonly used in HDD is a walkover system. Walkover systems, as the name implies, require that the locator operator walk over the top of the drill head with a receiver to determine its depth and position. Figures 8-1 and 8-2 show typical walkover-system equipment.

FIGURE 8-1: Typical Walkover Equipment

FIGURE 8-2: Tracking Receiver

Today s mini or midi HDD walkover tracking systems evolved from...


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