Custom Products

Conax Technologies offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Cable Glands

For more than 70 years, customers in the aerospace industry have counted on Conax Technologies to provide standard and custom-designed solutions to their most complex challenges. We’ve developed a comprehensive brochure with details on the temperature sensors and cable and harness assemblies Conax designs and and manufactures specifically for the aerospace industry. (read more)

For over 70 years, Conax has worked directly with industry leaders to custom design, build, test, and deliver high-quality cable and harness assemblies and temperature sensors for a wide variety of engines and applications in the power generation and aerospace industries. Our Quality Management System is dual certified to AS9100 with ISO 9001:2015. Download our overview brochure. (read more)

Conax Technologies’ HL Compression Seal Fitting is designed for protection in a wide variety of hazardous environments. The Conax HL Fitting has been CSA® certified in the U.S. and Canada for use in hazardous locations defined by the NEC® as Class I, Div. 1 and 2, Groups B, C, and D; Class II, Div. 1 and 2, Groups E, F, and G; and Class III. (read more)


Conax Technologies’ SPAs are used to insert and retract an analyzer sample probe or injection quill into a pressurized process through a process isolation valve and are designed for unique applications, including process analysis, flare stack emissions, chemical injection quills, wastewater analysis, potable water quality sampling, and hot tapping liquid or gas streams. (read more)

Conax Technologies’ Large Bore Fittings seal on pipe, tubes or probes with diameters of 0.750" or greater. Designed for heavy duty industrial applications, these fittings generally operate at lower pressures than other Conax PG Fittings. (read more)

Optical Feedthroughs

Conax Technologies’ FSA optical fiber sealing assemblies enable a range of sizes of fiber optic cable to pass through environmental boundaries. Fibers are housed in individual, protective stainless steel tube seals. The fiber optic feedthrough sub-assembly can be used with various Conax seal fittings, including multiple hole fittings, and can be adapted for special applications. (read more)

RTD Temperature Probes

Conax Technologies’ RTD assemblies can be provided with a wide variety of termination styles and mounting fittings to meet the precise requirements of your particular application. Conax also offers a broad range of sensor tolerances, sheath diameters, and sheath materials. (read more)

Temperature Sensors

View this 90-second video that shows how Conax Technologies’ patented EtchDefender™ coating extends the life of quartz thermocouple sheaths in certain reactors. Available exclusively from Conax, quartz thermocouples coated with EtchDefender™ can last up to 3X longer than uncoated TCs. (read more)

Conax Technologies has designed an innovative and unique EGT sensor for FT8/GG8 frame turbines that meets or exceeds OEM functionality and has proven to be highly reliable through field testing and validation. Conax uses two dual circuit ungrounded thermocouple probes that are manufactured for balanced loop resistance among all four circuits, rather than four single thermocouple probes. (read more)

Conax Technologies’ Spring Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors are built to withstand vibrations caused by gas flows, input vibrations and thermal expansion mismatch from 7F and 9F turbines. Available exclusively from Conax, these patented sensors are specially designed to avoid premature sensor failure in these turbines. (read more)

For over 70 years, Conax Technologies has been designing and manufacturing temperature sensors to meet our customers’ most complex challenges. Our extensive knowledge of the science of temperature measurement and the physical properties of materials used for sheathing and insulation, enables us to recommend the most effective product or custom design a solution to your application... (read more)

Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters

Conax Technologies offers a wide variety of temperature transmitters to meet your precise application needs. Transmitters provide an economical alternative to running long lengths of multi-conductor shielded cables for RTDs or specially compensated, shielded extension-grade wire for thermocouples. The output is less subject to distortion/interference from external electrical noise... (read more)

Thermocouple Wire

Conax Technologies’ Con-O-Clad® Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Thermocouple Cable is manufactured using high performance/exotic alloys for critical applications where performance under extreme temperatures or severe environmental conditions is required. We can custom design Con-O-Clad to your specifications. (read more)


Thermowells are pressure-tight receptacles that extend the life of a temperature sensor in environments where the sensor is not chemically compatible with the process media or the sensor does not have the mechanical strength to withstand the process flow or pressure. Thermowells also facilitate removing, changing, checking, or replacing sensors without draining the process system. (read more)

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