Custom Products

New England Wire Technologies Corporation offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Audio Cables

Why Are High Quality Components So Desirable in Pro Audio?

Custom components make the difference (read more)

Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables

Need a custom cable to achieve the impossible?
Why accept a standard product for your custom application?

From the Litz wire used in high frequency inductors and transformers to the micro-miniature coaxial cable used in surgical robots, our custom products have been advancing innovation for 120 years. (read more)

Coiled Cords and Cables

Custom Coil Cords

Specialty silicone rubber insulated retractable cords, and more (read more)

Litz Wire

We offer a wide variety of custom Litz wire options.

We have extensive experience with Litz wire manufactured from custom materials and insulations. (read more)

Learn more about Litz wire efficiency for your next project. (read more)

You think Litz wire may be the solution your application needs for optimal performance. So, now what? How do you get design assistance and ultimately purchase Litz wire? (read more)

Medical Cable Assemblies

Do you have a medical robotic application that requires custom cable? With years of experience customizing designs for medical, robotic, and automation technologies, our team of design experts is eager to help with your vision and objectives as well as your frustrations and challenges.We’re your custom solution partner (read more)

Multiconductor Cables

New England Wire Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing flexible multi-conductor cable tailored to your specific requirements. (read more)

New England Wire Technologies manufactures specialty silicone rubber-jacketed coiled cords suitable for high temperature applications at our facilities in Lisbon, New Hampshire. (read more)

Why a custom cable solution should be considered when there are so many off the shelf options out there. (read more)

New England Wire Technologies Corporation is also listed in these categories:
  • Bare Conductor Wire and Cable
  • Hookup Wires
  • Video Cables