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bisco industries - Secondary & Finishing operations

We offer a wide variety of secondary and finishing operations:

  • Anodizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Spray Painting
  • Laser Marking
  • Pad Printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Pad Printing
  • Silk Screening
  • Engraving
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bisco industries - Custom Assemblies from Smart Sourcing & bisco

bisco industries is partnering with Smart Sourcing Inc, a global manufacturing & outsourcing company to offer end-to-end custom medical manufacturing solutions! (read more)

bisco industries - Latch Construction for Demanding Environments

bisco industries is the buyer's ideal distributor for Rotary Latches (read more)

bisco industries - Powering Business Worldwide

bisco industries is the buyer's ideal distributor for Aeroquip - Eaton Products (read more)

bisco industries - Engineered, tested, qualified --Aeroquip by Eaton

bisco industries is the buyer's ideal distributor for Aeroquip - Eaton Products (read more)

bisco industries - Transilluminated Knobs from EHC

bisco industries is the buyer's ideal distributor for Military Style Control Knobs (read more)

bisco industries - Lasting Sliding Solutions for Automation & Motion!

bisco industries is the buyer's ideal distributor for Accuride International Products (read more)

bisco industries - Electronic clips and insulators

bisco industries now has more online pricing and availability on electronic clips and insulators than ever before! (read more)

bisco industries - bisco Expands ESNA Lock Nut Online Catalog

bisco industries is excited to announce that we have expanded our online catalog of ESNA lock nuts. bisco’s expanded ESNA catalog includes data such as material, finish, thread size, and other relevant dimensions to facilitate easy design-in and confident purchasing. (read more)

bisco industries - Expanded High Clamp Force Family of Card Loks

bisco is your local authorized distributor for Calmark card loks. We also offer card guides and enclosure housings for your electronic system. Visit us online to spec in your part! (read more)

bisco industries - Product Spotlight:Southco AV Series Dynamic Mounts

With integrated positioning technology that allows for controlled operating efforts and precision control, the AV Series has a clean appearance and there’s no need for adjustment or maintenance. bisco industries is an authorized distributor of Southco. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a PLCC Socket?

Plastic leaded chip carriers (PLCC) sockets are a type of chip carrier used to form connections between integrated circuits (ICs) and printed circuit boards (PCBs). (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Test Point?

PCB Test Point Uses

  1. Test points are used to test PCB circuitry during manufacturing and assembly to ensure that equipment is working properly
  2. Test points are used to test circuitry during repair to pinpoint equipment failures
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bisco industries - Introducing Dust-Tight Enclosures from Hoffman

NEMA Type 9 Wall Mount Enclosure Features

  • 19 inch (5 mm), 0.25 inch (6 mm) and 0.38 inch (10 mm) steel plate
  • Covers are 0.25 inches (6 mm) thick to allow mounting of NEMA 9 pushbuttons and pilot lights, which require threaded holes
  • Heavy duty cover hinges when the height (“A”) of the enclosure is 20.00 inches (508 mm) or more<.../li>
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bisco industries - Reducing System Wear Using Anti-Vibration Mounts

Why Use Vibration Mounts & Bumper Feet

  1. Increased system longevity by reducing stress on components
  2. Improved usability and increased precision
  3. Cost savings over the life of the application
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bisco industries - Miniature Electronic Keeper System

The compact version of Southco’s electronic strike, the Miniature E-Keeper System delivers enhanced access control to applications that require concealed, controlled, secure access. Its versatility, ease of installation and slim design enable an easy transition from mechanical to electromechanical latching solutions. (read more)

bisco industries - MS21043-3 Military Standard Lock Nuts
  • Deformed Self-Locking
  • 10-32 Nominal Thread Size
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel (Stainless Steel) Material
  • Silver Plating on Threaded Surfaces
  • 800 Degree F. Temperature Rating
  • Meets NASM21043 Military Standard Spec
  • Mfg C of C & Other Certs Available Upon Request (with purchase only)
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bisco industries - MS21060L3 Military Standard Nutplates

MS21060L3 Features

  • Self-Locking
  • Floating Style (alleviates need for exact alignment)
  • 10-32 Nominal Thread Size
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel (Stainless Steel) Material
  • Dry Film Lubricant
  • Meets NASM21060 Military Standard Spec
  • Mfg C of C & Other Certs Available Upon Request (with purchase only)
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bisco industries - What is a Terminal Block?

Terminal blocks function as convenient connection points for electrical wires while avoiding the need for wires to be spliced together. At the most basic level a terminal block is a strip of molded plastic fitted with metal plates and screws. (read more)

bisco industries - Reliable & Affordable Captive Hardware

We’re excited to announce the unveiling of our very own line of captive hardware. (read more)

bisco industries - Your One-Stop-Shop

Over the past six months bisco industries has added over 2.5 million products to its online catalog. The expansion of our online catalog provides engineers and purchasing agents with additional flexibility to find solutions for current and upcoming projects (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Threaded Insert?

Also known as threaded bushings, threaded inserts are used to repair damaged threads and improve the thread strength of the parent material. Threaded inserts are used in metal, plastic and wood and typically require special tools for installation. (read more)

bisco industries - Over 2.5 Million Products

bisco Expands Online Catalog by Over 2.5 Million Products (read more)

bisco industries - The expansion of our online catalog

The expansion of our online catalog provides engineers and purchasing agents with additional flexibility to find solutions for current and upcoming projects. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Disconnect Switch?

By quickly stopping the flow of power, disconnect switches allow for emergency shutdowns, switching to alternate power sources, and maintenance. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a LED Light Pipe?

Integrating LED light pipes is an extremely cost effective option that helps eliminate the multiple steps associated with transporting light from one location to another. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Strain Relief?

Also called bend reliefs, strain reliefs are integral part of electrical reliability in products and ensure overall performance. (read more)

bisco industries - Introducing the Linear Torque Arm

The linear torque arm is designed to install tangless or tanged threaded inserts using any KATO electric driver or air tool (with optional air tool kit). The Linear Torque Arm offers an unprecedented smoothness of linear and rotational movements as it absorbs the torque reaction inherent with power installation tools. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Patch Panel?

Patch panels are metal plates with an array of cut-outs designed to accept connection jacks. In most cases patch panels are fabricated to accept a single type of connection jack such as Cat6 ethernet jacks. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Standoff?

Standoffs are fasteners used to create space between printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies and are the standard fastener for mounting PCBs to prevent electrical shorts. Standoffs are similar to spacers but differ in that they are threaded. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Spacer?

Spacers fall under the broader categories of electronic hardware and printed circuit board (PCB) hardware as spacers are primarily used to separate (space) PCBs. Spacers protect PCBs from heat damage by creating space for cooling air flow while also allowing PCBs to be stacked. (read more)

bisco industries - Introducing Heavy Duty PCB Retainers

42 Series Wedge Loks are designed for installation in cold wall applications. During installation Wedge Loks are first attached to the top and bottom of the PCB. Once the PCB is secured between the Wedge Loks it is inserted into cold wall channels in the card cage. Finally the Wedge Lok is actuated clamping the PCB to the cold wall. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Banana Plug?

Banana plugs are one conductor (aka: single wire) electrical connectors that are traditionally used to connect wires to equipment with DC and low frequency signals. Banana plugs are male connectors that feature a tubular construction with a flared center to separate the wire post from the main connector body. (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Butt Splice?

Despite their humorous name, butt splices are essential and widely utilized electrical connectors. In their most basic form butt splices are tubular metal connectors used to connect (splice) or terminate wire endings by crimping or soldering. (read more)

bisco industries - New Vibration Resistant Rotary Latch

Key Features of the R4-10 Rotary Latch
•Integrated bumper eliminates noise and vibration
•Two-stage cam design prevents false latching
•Provides concealed latching with push-to-close convenience
•Compact design minimizes protrusion within enclosure applications
•Allows remote actuation when paired with Southco cables and actuators
... (read more)

bisco industries - What is a Draw Latch?

Draw latches operate on the principle of drawing two items together using tension. The main components of a draw latch assembly are the blade (a hooked plate or a wire formed loop), the keeper (a hooked plate that receives the blade), and the hinge. (read more)

bisco industries - Southco Display Mounts

Bisco industries is a preferred distributor of Southco Display Mounts (read more)

bisco industries - Southco Electronic Locking Swinghandles

Southco’s H3-EM series electronic locking swinghandles are used widely to secure datacenters, industrial enclosures, medical equipment and many other applications. H3-EM swinghandles feature an energy efficient microprocessor controlled motor that provides state of the art locking capability. (read more)

bisco industries - HI-KOTE™ coatings

Bisco Industries is a Hi-Shear Distributor. The HI-KOTE™ coatings family is one example of fastener technology developed by HI-SHEAR more than 30 years ago to bring high performance and low manufacturing costs to fastener systems. (read more)

bisco industries - New NAS Fasteners from RAF and bisco

RAF Electronic Hardware now has a new line of specialty NAS Precision Fasteners: NAS 1829 Male-Female Standoffs and NAS 1831 Female Standoffs! (read more)

bisco industries - Southco R4 - Rotary Latches

The newest addition to Southco's R4 line occupies minimal space within the enclosure and features a secure two-stage cam design. (read more)

bisco industries - Thermal Solutions for DC-DC converters

Performance and convenience are offered in this comprehensive line of thermal solutions for DC-DC converters. With fin ratios over 14:1 on some models, these heat sinks deliver extreme thermal performance. For convenience, all our heat sinks are ready for mounting with interface material pre-applied which streamlines procurement and assembly. (read more)

bisco industries - Interconnect Components & Electronic Hardware

Bisco Industries is a Keystone Distributor. Keystones diverse selection of panel hardware is second to none in the marketplace. Our Handles, Screws, Knobs, Fan Guards - Plastic & Metal - and LED lens and mounting spacers provides the right solution for a variety of applications. (read more)

bisco industries - Design and Engineering Support

bisco's design and engineering professionals can compliment your in-house personnel, or provide a full-service solution for our company's design and engineering needs. (read more)

bisco industries - Customized Vendor Managed Inventory

When it comes to managing your supply chain vendor managed inventory (VMI) can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Imagine reducing the cost of carrying inventory, replenishing stock automatically, and customizing packaging all in one solution. That’s just a flavor of what a customized VMI program from bisco industries can offer. (read more)