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General Pipe Cleaners - Improved Snake-Oil Plus™ Protects Sewer Cables

Reformulated Snake-Oil Plus™ from General Pipe Cleaners offers enhanced protection of drain cables and machines – and can extend the life of your other equipment, as well! (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - New Compact, Powerful Sewerooter T-4™

General Pipe Cleaners’ new Sewerooter T-4™ mid-size drain cleaner packs the performance, punch, and portability to unclog 3” to 6” diameter lines up to 100 feet long. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Prevent Splash-Back w/VeraPlunge™ Toilet Plunger

Tired of the messy, germ-laden splash-back with old-fashioned toilet plungers? Take the VersaPlunge™ from General Pipe Cleaners! With its patented, extremely pliable cone, it easily conforms to nearly any shaped toilet bowl opening, creating a tight seal in virtually any toilet design. It’s better than any other plunger on the market! (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - JM-3055 Water Jet Clears Tough Clogs In Long Line

A two-building Aberdeen, South Dakota, office complex suffered constant sewer line back-ups. Enter Aberdeen Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc. with their brawny JM-3055 water jet from General Pipe Cleaners. The JM-3055 water jet quickly cleared the line. And Aberdeen won the preventive maintenance contract to clean the conduit every spring and fall. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Gen-Eye Micro-Scope2® Compact Inspection Tool

General Pipe Cleaners' Gen-Eye Micro-Scope2® compact handheld inspection tool features a new Command Module that includes a USB port to record on a flash drive. You can watch the action on a big 7” LCD color monitor for crisp, clear pictures and record videos or photos on the flash drive with the one-touch record button. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Gen-Eye X-POD® Video Pipe Inspection System

General Pipe Cleaners' new Gen-Eye X-POD® features a powerful new Command Module with USB port to record video inspections on flash drives. Always easy on your back and your budget, the lightweight X-POD combines camera, reel, and monitor into one compact package. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Clear Clog Drains Fast with Kinetic Water Ram™

The Kinetic Water Ram™ is a compact, light weight tool for quickly opening clogged sinks, toilets and tubs. It handles rust, grease, sediment, and scale in lines up through 4" in diameter. Anyone can use it- just pump the Water Ram, insert it into a drain, and snap the trigger. It's that quick! (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Hot-Shot Thaws Frozen Pipes Fast

No more tearing up floors, breaking through walls, or digging up pipes in frozen ground. Eliminate hazardous blow torches. With the safe Hot-Shot pipe thawer, you can accomplish the job faster and easier - and save time and money. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Model DRZ-PH with Variable Speed Power Cable Feed

The new Model DRZ-PH power drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners quickly and cleanly clears clogs from 1-1/4" to 3" sink, tub and laundry lines. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Speedrooter 92 - Job Tested Tough

Contractors know that the Speedrooter 92® really can take a beating – from its frame braced at key stress points, to General’s exclusive Flexicore® wire rope center cable that’s so tough it carries a one year warranty. With the driving and pulling power for long, tough jobs, General's Power Cable Feed easily handles 3/4" and 5/8" cables. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Typhoon Trailer Jet Clears Grease, Sand , and Ice

The JM-2512 Typhoon™ trailer jet is ideal for clearing big lines with high water flow requirements or remote jobs far from a water source. 12-gallons of water pulsate down the line every minute at a powerful 2500 psi to blast lines clear of grease, sediment, and debris. The 200-gallon holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications where access to water is li... (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - POWER-VEE® is Faster and Easier to Use

General Pipe Cleaners Power-Vee® drain cleaner with automatic feed makes clearing small drain lines faster and easier. The simplified feeding system is like having an extra hand in tight and awkward places. Just squeeze the lever and the cable feeds at a rate of up to 16 feet per minute. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Mini-Jet Clears Grease Clogs Fast

The compact, lightweight JM-1000 Mini-Jet™ from General Pipe Cleaners offers a great way to clear grease, sand and ice clogs – at a great price! Clear small lines, clogged sinks, and laundry drains from 1-1/2" to 3" with 1500 psi of cleaning power. General’s powerful little water jet hits the stoppage with high-pressure, wall-to-wall water spray – and flush... (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Rugged, Portable, Kinetic Water Ram™ for Drains

General Pipe Cleaners’ rugged, all-metal Kinetic Water Ram™ quickly clears clogged drains with the power of compressed air. Fifty years of technological advancements and refinements have kept this futuristic drain cleaner a dependable tool for anyone who wants to clear clogged drains fast. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Gen-Eye USB® Inspection System with Flash Drive

New Gen-Eye® USB video inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners lets you record videos and photos on popular USB flash drives. General’s top of the line Gen-Eye USB system includes all the features you need in a compact, lightweight package. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Gen-Eye POD Pipe Inspection System Avail. w/Wi-Fi

The lightweight, Gen-Eye POD and MINI-POD combine camera, reel, and monitor in an all-in-one package. You get a large 7" LCD color monitor protected by a padded case. It's mounted on a rugged yet flexible gooseneck that swivels to give you the best viewing angle, wherever you're working. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Prevent Basement Flooding with Flood-Guard™

General Pipe Cleaners' Flood-Guard™ operates like a check valve to seal off water back-up caused by overloaded sewers. Water flows normally through the drain until the sewer begins to back up. Then the Flood-Guard float rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - How to Combat Commercial Grease Clogs — A Self-Service Solution

Grease clogs involving fats, oils and grease (FOG) can be a nightmare of a plumbing issue. General Pipe Cleaners provides a self-service solution for maintenance professionals looking to handle recurring grease clogs. At just 23 pounds, the JM-1000 Mini-Jet is the size of a toolbox. It provides 1,500 PSI of cleaning pressure at only 13 amperes to clear grease (as well as sand and ice) in... (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Repair Broken Drain Snakes Fast With Quick-Fix™

Unique Quick-Fix™ from General Pipe Cleaners lets you quickly repair broken drain cleaning snakes in the field. Quick-Fix lets you continue working and finish the job – without returning to your shop for broken cable repair or replacement! (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Root 66 Sectional Cable Power Drain Cleaner

General Pipe Cleaner's Root 66, a sectional cable power drain cleaner designed to clear practically any inside or rooftop drain, uses 5/8" or 7/8" sections interchangeably. There's no need for adapters or tools to switch from one cable size to the other. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Handy-Stand™ For Handheld Drain Cleaners

The rugged new improved Handy-Stand™ turns General’s popular and reliable hand-held drain cleaners into practical countertop or floor machines.

Ergonomically balanced for maximum stability, the lightweight portable Handy-Stand™ fits the Super-Vee™, Power-Vee™, and Handylectric™. All three models are ideal for unclogging sinks, tubs, and l... (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Speedrooter XL® Clears Tough Clogs

Now with easily interchangeable drums, the Speedrooter XL® from General Pipe Cleaners clears tough clogs in 3” to 10” lines – up to 200 feet. The rugged, easy-to-maneuver Speedrooter XL sports a powerful 3/4 hp motor and 100 foot capacity drums for Flexicore® cable. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - New to Drain Cleaning – What should I get?

What type of drain cleaning tools would meet the inevitable clogged drain emergency? Ask the Drain Brains® at General Pipe Cleaners. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Latest Catalog from General Pipe Cleaners

The latest catalog is available from General Pipe Cleaners, manufacturer of a full line of drain cleaning machines, including high pressure water jets, video pipe inspection and location systems, water leak locators, pipe freeze kits, pipe thawing machines, and more. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Clear Grease, Sand, Sludge, and Ice w/Water Jet

The powerful JM-1450 Jet-Set® electric water jet gives you as much pressure as you can get from an electric jet. It generates 1500 psi at 1.7 gallons per minute, yet only pulls 13 amps. It’s powered by a 1-1/2 hp dual capacitor enclosed motor with an in-line ground fault circuit interrupter. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - General's CLOGCHOPPER® has Tieger by the Tail

“There’s nothing like it. It’s fantastic for clearing scale from inside lines. It flies around pipe bends!” That’s Sylvan Tieger on revolutionary ClogChopper®cutting tool from General Pipe Cleaners. With over 47 years as a plumber, the Bronx-based professional offers a full range of plumbing, drain cleaning, fire suppression and emergency serv... (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - JM-3055 Water Jet Blasts Clogs Away

The JM-3055 Jet-Set® water jet has the power to clear your most stubborn stoppages, including grease, sand and ice. Its 3000 psi, 5.5 gpm triplex pump has the thrust to pull the hose
down long runs, the pressure to cut through tough stoppages, and the
flow to flush them away. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Clogged Drains? No Problem with Mini-Rooter Pro

Tired of carrying your drain cleaning machine to the jobsite? Now you don't have to. General's new Mini-Rooter Pro® sports wheels to make it easier for you to transport it to and from the job, and a folding handle for complact storage in your truck. The Mini-Rooter Pro clears drains from rooftop to basement, including kitchen, bath, and laundry drains (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Locating Water Leaks Made Easy

General Pipe Clearners' Gen-Ear LE® water leak locator is a simplified, more economical tool with stronger sound amplification than other systems. Use it to pinpoint water leaks in residential and commercial water lines, whether they are under concrete slabs, in walls, swimming pools and hot tubs. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Cold-Shot® Pipe Freezing Tool Saves Time & Money

General Pipe Cleaners' Cold-Shot® Pipe Freezing Tool saves contractors time and money. One particular repair problem got personal for Austin L. Montanti, owner of Montanti Mechanical – a commercial and residential renovation firm based on Staten Island, NY. General Pipe Cleaners' pipe freezing kit provided the solution. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Economic Alternative to High Pressure Water Jets

General Pipe Cleaners' JM-2900 Jet-Set® Gas Powered Water Jet is an economical alternative to high pressure gas water jets. It’s lighter and more maneuverable, yet maintains the same pressure and flow rate of its big brothers. It’s driven by a 389 cc Honda engine connected directly to a 3000 psi, 4 gallon per minute triplex pump with Vibra-pulse® on demand. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - How to Clear Small Lines Without a Snake

Plumber Magazine asked General Pipe Cleaners’ Marty Silverman how to use General’s Kinetic Water Ram™ at the the 2016 WWETT Show. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Water Jets vs. Cable Machines

Water Jets vs. Cable Machines. What's the Difference? Ask the Drain Brains at General Pipe Cleaners. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - New ClogChopper® Revolutionizes Drain Cleaning

Rip through tough stoppages with the unique ClogChopper®. Six self-sharpening blades dig into encrusted debris and root masses, easily grinding up stoppages, scale, and crystallized urine, without risking pipe damage (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Gen-Eye Hot Spot® Pipe Locator for Easy Locating

With intuitive directional mapping and guidance system, Gen-Eye Hot Spot® facilitates locating of pipe inspection cameras, sondes, active power lines, and buried utilities. Total field antenna array allows users to locate from any direction, while backlit LCD provides graphic icons that lead users directly to target. Rated at IP65, locator is dirt and dust proof as well as water... (read more)


The newly redesigned JM-3080 Jet-Set™ water jet drain cleaning machine from General Pipe Cleaners clears stubborn grease stoppages as well as lines clogged with sand, sludge and ice. It features a removable 300 ft. capacity hose reel to allow you to use the higher power of the gas machine on remote or indoor applications. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Advanced Drain Cleaning Products

General Pipe Cleaners, a division of General Wire Spring Co., is a leading manufacturer of high quality American-made drain cleaning equipment. In business since 1930, our third generation family-owned company is celebrating 85 years of service to drain cleaning professionals and plumbing contractors, as well as facilities managers, the rental industry and the hardware/home center market. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Locate Buried Utilities w/Hot-Spot Transmitter

In tandem, General Pipe Cleaners' Hot-Spot locator and this matching Gen-Eye Hot-Spot Transmitter finds buried utilities quickly and easily. Like the locator, this transmitter has been designed to take the confusion out of getting the job done. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Plumbing Pro Scores with General Drain Cleaner

Learn how Plumbing Pro scores with General Pipe Cleaner's Drain Cleaner, Jetter, & Camera. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Rodrunner - Model E - Gasoline Powered

The gasoline powered Rodrunner Model E is ideal for cleaning long runs up to 500 ft. down the line. It can be coupled to either 10 ft. sectional cables to clear up to 14" lines or 5/16" municipal rods to clear lines up to 24" in diameter. The operator stands behind machine and walks cables or rods into line. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - JM-3000 Gas Jet

Built to take heavy use and abuse, the powerful JM-3000 is great for clearing large lines and long runs. A heavy duty 3000 psi, 4 gpm triplex pump with Vibra-pulse® on demand is driven by a reliable 389 cc Honda engine with electric start through a 2 to 1 gear reducer to extend the life of the pump. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - AutoCut Copper Tubing Cutter

The AutoCut copper tubing cutter is a great tool to have when you don't have enough swing room to use a full size tubing cutter. You can cut copper tubing with less than one inch of clearance. Or you can easily handle close stub-out work. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Power-Vee with Automatic Feed

We've miniaturized our big machine power cable feed to create the Power-Vee. It gives you feeding speed and convenience you haven't seen before in a hand-held power drain cleaner. In tight or awkward places, the Power-Vee is like having a third hand. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Cold-Shot® Pipe Freeze Kit

No need to drain water lines, sprinkler systems, or hot water systems before cutting pipe or tubing. The Cold-Shot® keeps pressurized systems operating while you make repairs. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Flexicore Closet Auger and Teletube Closet Auger

The new Closet Auger Bag puts an end to dragging dripping wet closet augers though homes, hospitals, and offices. It keeps the closet auger contained and out of sight as it's carried to and from the job. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Deluxe Spin-Thru Clears Sinks and Laundry Drains

A cleaner way to open clogged drains. The 1/4" (6 mm) snake is fed out of the drum into the line, keeping it away from clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces. (read more)

General Pipe Cleaners - Looking for springs in a hurry?

Looking for springs in a hurry? Visit the new website to see what General Wire Spring can do for you. From springs for voting machines to elevators to submarines, General Wire Spring has maintained a reputation for superior product quality and excellent customer service since 1930. (read more)