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MXD Process has promoted these products / services:

MXD Process - Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixer

The heavy duty clamp mount mixer is the workhorse of our portable mixer line. The aluminum clamp uses a ball bearing swivel joint for easy adjustment of the mixer in the vessel and a lower support bearing to take radial shaft load off the motor, extending its longevity. This mixer is available in air, electric and explosion proof motors, and variable frequency drives for speed control. (read more)

MXD Process - High Speed Dispersers

High speed dispersers can be used in laboratory settings or full scale production and are specially engineered to meet the unique demands of your mixing processes. Customize your mixer with a variety of dispersion blades, offering high flow and ultra high shearing capabilities. All dispersers are available with electric, explosion proof, or air motors to accommodate all environments. (read more)

MXD Process - IBC Tote Bracket Mixers

Tote mixers are an easy solution that allow mixing in a standard IBC tote, reducing fluid transfer waste and time spent moving fluids in and out of a secondary mixing vessel. Available in lightweight and heavy-duty frames, these tote mixers provide solutions for any need and budget. (read more)

MXD Process - Sanitary Tri-Clamp Mount Mixers

Favored for their sanitary applications, these tri-clamp mounted mixers utilize a shaft seal to prevent contamination of your liquid ingredients while processing. Easily attach this mixer directly to 3" tri-clamp fittings on your vessel. (read more)

MXD Process - Raiden Standard 2 HP Plate Mount Top Entry Mixer

The Raiden Standard top-entry mixer provides consistant and reliable mixing in high volume applications. A versatile and heavy-duty solution for any industry. (read more)

MXD Process - Stainless Steel Tank Designer

Our Tank Designer gives you the option to build a vessel to your specifications and delivers a quote instantly. Customize the size, shape, and fittings of your process tank. Select various polished finishes, add a mounting option for the attachment of a mixer, or integrate a heating skid system with an insulated tank jacket. (read more)

MXD Process - Mixing System Automation & Controls

Scaling up and optimizing manual operations can present numerous challenges, primarily due to the labor-intensive nature of such processes and the absence of comprehensive efficiency data. Recognizing these obstacles, we advocate for the integration of advanced control systems and automation capabilities to revolutionize your operations. By implementing these technological solutions, ope... (read more)

MXD Process - Custom Equipment For Any Process

From mixers and impellers to stainless steel vessels, we offer full fabrication services of any custom piece of process equipment. (read more)

MXD Process - Process Engineering Services
From idea conception to installation, our engineers are there every step of the way.
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