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Pexco has promoted these products / services:

Pexco - Looking For High-Performance Fluoropolymer Tubing?

Altaflo, a Pexco business unit, specializes in the extrusion of innovative high-performance fluoropolymer tubing, pipes, and profiles. Our extensive inventory of stock products ensures "same-day" shipments, while facilitating quick and cost-effective customization for your application needs. (read more)

Pexco - High Pressure-High Temperature Compressor Lines

Nylon, also known as Polyamide or PA, is just one of many high-performance polymers Pexco specializes in extruding (read more)

Pexco - Polyolefin or PVC Heat Shrink - You Decide!

Insultab, a Pexco company, has been offering heat shrink products for over 50 years. With a large inventory and variety of heat shrink products, we’re here to help you find the right product for your job. (read more)

Pexco - Enhancing Safety and Visibility

At Pexco, we understand that safety is a top priority. That is why we are pleased to highlight two of our popular safety enhancing solutions for your consideration. Here is more about Pexco’s TRPM Chip Seal Marker and the Pexco City Post: (read more)

Pexco - Install Bottom Locking Fence Slats for Privacy

Privacy fence slats are a great way to add privacy and security to your property. One of the most common types of fence is the chain link fence. While chain link fences are practical, they can also be unattractive. To solve this problem, homeowners and business owners often opt to install bottom locking fence slats. These slats add privacy and can improve the appearance of a chain link f... (read more)

Pexco - Pexco - Posts for Bike Lanes and Cycle Tracks

Pexco's innovative flexible bike lane posts are engineered to help provide superior protection to cyclists, helping to ensure safe travel for all users of the road. Made with highly durable and impact-resistant materials, these flexible bike lane posts offer a long-lasting solution to help enhance bike lane safety. (read more)

Pexco - Looking for High-Performance PSU Tubing?

High-performance tubing can help keep things running smoothly.

Pexco's Scandia Plastics team has decades of expertise in helping customers select the right materials for their rigid tubing applications, including Polysulfone (PSU or PSF), which offers excellent electrical and chemical resistance. (read more)

Pexco - High-Quality Plastics Solutions Provider

Each day, you develop the innovative products and parts that help move your company forward, and you deserve an experienced partner that can support your efforts. (read more)

Pexco - Choose the Right Heat Shrink Tubing for a Project

Polyolefin vs PVC:
When deciding between Polyolefin heat shrink and PVC heat shrink (polyvinyl chloride) for a project, it's important to think carefully about what the project needs. (read more)

Pexco - Polyolefin vs PVC Heat Shrink Tubing

When deciding between Polyolefin heat shrink and PVC heat shrink (polyvinyl chloride) for a project, these are the several factors you should consider: (read more)

Pexco - Revamp Projects with High Pressure Nylon Tubing

Maximize Your Results with Pexco's High-Pressure Nylon Tubing. (read more)

Pexco - Special Discount Offer on Polycarbonate Tubing

Pexco is offering a special discount pricing on polycarbonate tubes and profiles. Here’s your chance to benefit from this before anyone else. (read more)

Pexco - Why several cities are installing bike lanes

Bike lanes continue to rise in popularity across North America. Yet, many cities across the world have few or no bike lanes at all. (read more)

Pexco - One stop shop for your Polysulfone needs

Pexco Scandia is a leading supplier of Polysulfone tubes. (read more)

Pexco - New reliable source of misting and fogging tubing

Looking for quality high-pressure nylon tubing solutions for misting and fogging applications? (read more)

Pexco - Look What We Did for FedEx and the Commanders

The PDS® Fence Division of Pexco, the largest producer of privacy
enhancements for chain link fence systems, customized their traditional Top Locking slats to meet FedEx color and design needs. (read more)

Pexco - Help in Creating Managed Traffic Lanes

We can help in creating “Managed Lanes” (a freeway-within a-freeway) to move large numbers of vehicles within a small amount of roadway space. Lane separation is required when these managed lanes operate at a different speed than adjacent unmanaged lanes. (read more)

Pexco - Traffic Safety Products
  • Plastic Barricades
  • Barrier Reflectors
  • Channelizers and Flexible Bollards
  • Lane Separator Curb System
  • Guardrail Reflectors
  • Pavement Markers
  • Pedestrian Safety Products
  • Delineator Post
  • Traffic Snow Poles & Posts
  • Road Marker
  • Adhesives & Primers
  • Mechanical Fasteners & Anc...
(read more)
Pexco - Offering Automated Clean Room Services

Performance Plastics utilizes robotics in its clean room to offer customers the best of both technologies. (read more)