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parvalux by maxon - Advantages of Brushless DC Right Angle Gear Motors

With zero brushes, Parvalux's brushless DC motors are a reliable, low maintenance option that suit a diverse array of applications, from stairlifts to cleaning equipment. These products are engineered to have qualities such as high starting torque, good speed regulation and unbeatable efficiency. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - The Benefits of AC Motors

If you are unsure whether to choose an AC motor solution for your product, you might be interested to know the exact benefits they can bring and the applications they are most suited to. We offer a range of AC electric motors at Parvalux to suit your needs and preferences. Here are the main benefits and things to consider before investing. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Geared Motors for Industrial Automation

Industrial automation leverages digital controls, robotics technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the production process, thus reducing human intervention in decision making. Automation drives high-volume production and enables consistently high levels of product quality and reliability. The electric geared motor is an essential building block in any automated industrial proces... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Wheelchair Lifts Motors for Vehicle Accessibility

High starting torque and safe, reliable operation are critical in wheelchair lift motor design. We have many years of experience manufacturing accessible wheelchair lift motors to ensure the perfect design for your product. 12V, 24V and 230V powered motor solutions are available to suit most types of vehicle. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Geared Motors for Mobility Scooters

The demands of an aging population mean that the need for mobility scooters is growing at a significant pace. Parvalux has more than 75 years' experience in specialist electric motor and gearbox manufacturing and we are proud to design and build electric drive solutions for this demanding market. (read more)

parvalux by maxon -  Golf Trolley Motors

With over 34,000 golf courses across the world and a trend towards more leisure time, there has been a huge growth in the market for golf trollies, carts and caddies. Parvalux has more than 70 years' experience designing and manufacturing electric geared motors and in that time, we've become the #1 golf trolley motor supplier, trusted by leading leisure and sports equipment manufacturers... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Geared Motors for Candy Floss Machines

Parvalux has been manufacturing electric motors for the ever-popular candy floss and cotton candy machine sector for many years and this demanding application requires an efficient, reliable motor that can cope with operating in a high temperature environment. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Golf Cart & Caddy Motors

Parvalux has more than 70 years of experience in developing powerful and reliable drive systems and we are a leading manufacturer of golf buggy motors for carts and caddies of all sizes. From our UK factories, our expert motor engineering design team, can even tailor an electric motor to perfectly suit your golf caddy with a fully customized design. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Geared Motors for Caravan Movers

Once a caravan has been detached from its towing vehicle, it becomes quite difficult to maneuver by hand, due to its weight and size. A motorized caravan mover is a battery-powered device that drive the caravan's wheels and they can be purchased as integrated, bolt-on or stand-alone systems. Parvalux is a trusted volume supplier of OEM custom-designed and semi-customized caravan mover mo... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Parvalux's Brushless DC Motors

Our standalone brushless DC motors at Parvalux, as their name implies, have no brushes and are therefore highly durable and have the convenience of zero maintenance. Our extensive range of BLDC motors have high starting torque and are fantastic at regulating their speed. As well as being highly efficient, they also have quiet operation and offer great power density. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Geared motor solutions for large wiper systems

Designed and built to withstand a variety of different environments, the VIPER3 from Parvalux is the perfect geared motor solution for use in your large wiper system application. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Parvalux Hires Keller Industrial Products, Inc.

In today's marketplace, it is important for suppliers to broaden their reach and expertise in multiple industries. Hiring the right sales representatives can not only increase a company's capabilities but provide additional services as well. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Right angled geared motors for door automation

A right-angled geared motor that allows a seamless integration into your new or existing door automation system. Parvalux's right-angle gearbox is designed with multiple mounting options and low maintenance in mind. The GB80 boasts a number of customization options and can be combined with Parvalux and maxon brushed and brushless DC motors enabling high efficiency, low noise, and long li... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Differences Between Brushed & Brushless DC Motors?

This simple guide to motor selection reviews the various factors to consider and outlines: speed, cost, service life, efficiency and more. This plays an important role on the best selection of a motor type for your application. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - The benefits of customized electric motors

Parvalux manufactures a variety of standard electric motors from our three Dorset, UK factories but did you know we also offer a full customization service that enables you to tailor an electric motor to the precise needs of your application? (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Parvalux's Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Parvalux understands the importance of getting product in the hands of customers quickly and efficiently and we recently introduced this Modular Range to do just that. The modular range allows customers to configure their own solution, selecting motor and gearbox, adding encoders and brakes to create a solution perfectly suited for their specific application. View the video for a quick o... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Rapid Prototyping – Geared Motor Solutions

Quick to configure. Quick to build. Quick to deliver. Configure your own solution with our experts by selecting your motor and gearbox, and adding accessories such as encoders, brakes, controllers, and shaft extension kits to create a solution perfectly suited to your specific application. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - How motors power mobility solutions

Losing mobility can be a traumatic period in anyone’s life, regardless of whether this is due to ageing, or an accident. With the implementation of innovative, reliable and efficient motors mobility solutions are able to empower individuals with increased independence and mobility. Parvalux provides products for mobility solutions such as stairlifts, powered wheelchairs and patient... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - AC or DC electric motors for conveyor systems?

The materials handling industry uses conveyors to ensure that products are distributed effectively, so an AC or DC motor is chosen depending on the weight it needs to carry and the speed at which it needs to work. Learn which type of conveyor motor might be best for your application and how Parvalux can help you select a geared motor from stock or create a fully-custom design. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - How motors are used in the Automated Warehouse

All aspects of the warehousing sector have been automated increasing efficiency across the board as well as improving employee safety and productivity. The key to ensuring effective, reliable and efficient drive systems is to utilize the most appropriate motor for the equipment. Parvalux designs and manufactures a range of AC, DC brushless and brushed motors including the BLx60 brushless... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Why do AGVs need reliable motors and which type?

Any automated system is only as good as its reliability. An automated guided vehicle (AGV) for example, needs to do the job it is programmed to do; without error, quickly and efficiently. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Where and when is door automation preferred?

When deciding on what automated door solutions are right for your premises you need to consider who will be using them and whether you require automatic sliding doors, gate opening systems or revolving doors. Parvalux manufactures drive systems for heavy-duty, standard-duty, and light-duty door automation applications including sliding, spinning and hinged-based. View video for more info... (read more)

parvalux by maxon - How motors are used in door automation

Have you ever considered the mechanisms that are set in motion when we stand in front of an elevator door and press the button? In this whitepaper, we look at the challenges of door drive solutions. They have to function flawlessly, be robust, and ensure safety. Parvalux geared motors are reliable, dependable and cost effective and can be customized to suit your needs. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Get more out of your camping trip with Mover

Out and about with a camper trailer – for many this is their travel dream come true, if only parking the caravan was easier. With the maneuvering systems from Truma, this task can be carried out comfortably using a remote control. For the maneuvering systems to be able to take the load, Truma installed electric drive systems from Parvalux. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - How To Choose An Electric Motor

When you are choosing an electric motor for your application, there are several variables to consider, including the intended industry application and the type of motor that will be most suited to your requirements. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Parvalux Gearmotors in Agricultural Robotics

The agricultural industry are continually looking for ways to increase output, improve efficiency and reduce waste. This has led to robots and automation becoming an integral part of farming and food production processes. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - How efficient are tracking solar panels?

As renewable energy sources become more widely used, understanding how to best implement them is very important. Solar panels and wind turbines are rapidly growing technologies that are being used both domestically and in large scale farms. However, maximising the efficiency of these energy sources can be difficult. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Key Advantages Of Permanent Magnet Motors

You will find permanent magnet motors in any number of appliances in your daily life, from toothbrushes to mobility solutions; but what exactly are they and what are their advantages? In this article, we will focus on PMDC motors, which are the most common type of permanent magnet motor. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - What is a Parvalux Worm Wheel Gearbox?

At Parvalux, we offer several different gearboxes in standard and custom variations. A worm wheel gear is one of the most common types of gear and you will find worm wheel gearboxes in applications across the world. There are benefits and disadvantages of using a worm wheel gear in an electric motor gearbox and it lends itself better to certain industries. (read more)

parvalux by maxon - Why Choose an Electric Patient Hoist vs Manual

If you are considering manufacturing hoists for the healthcare industry, you might be wondering which design would work best for both you and your customers. (read more)