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Shanghai Optics has promoted these products / services:

Shanghai Optics - Microlens Array

At Shanghai optics we produce both 1- and 2- dimensional arrays, in a variety of different configurations, sizes, and focal lengths. These arrays are manufactured from high quality fused silica, and optimal performance range is from 193 nm to 2.5 micrometers. The index of refraction of these arrays are 1.561 at 248 nm, and 1.444 at 1550 nm. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Cylindrical Lenses for Every Application

As the name suggests, a cylindrical lens is an optical lens with a cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape. Like a spherical lens, a cylindrical lens has one curved and one flat side. Unlike a spherical lens, however, cylindrical lenses aren’t fully symmetrical — the orientation of a cylindrical lens affects how it transmits light. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Zoom Lenses

Both varifocal and zoom lenses are built with movable elements for adjusting the focal length. These lenses provide a flexible solution to applications that previously would have required multiple fixed focal length lenses for getting the desired field of view at a specific working distance. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Collimating Lenses

Collimating lenses are used to convert divergent light beams into parallel beams. Collimating lenses are designed for various applications covering from the UV to visible to long wave infrared range. At Shanghai Optics, we design and manufacture many different types of standard and custom collimating lenses for customers around the world. Learn more about these lenses and their uses below. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - BK7 Spherical Lens

Bk7 Spherical Lenses are useful for a wide range of applications. Bk7 plano-concave, bi-concave, meniscus, plano-convex and bi-convex lenses are manufactured to exacting Shanghai Optics Laser Quality surface figure and surface quality specifications. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Silicon Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses

Shanghai Optics has high manufacturing capability of Infrared Aspheric Lenses for substrates such as Germanium (GE), Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) and Silicon (Si) . Our lead time is 3-8 weeks and our prices are super competitive and generally 30-40% less than off-the-shelf/catalogue parts even on single quantity components. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Medical Device Optics

Medical device optics play a key role in every type of medical technology, from diagnostics to treatment to cutting-edge research. At Shanghai Optics, we manufacture precision optical components for medical device development as well as a wide range of optical systems for medical and life sciences applications. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Custom Objective Lenses

We offer a wide range selection of Standard Objective Lenses with magnification from 2× NA 0.1 to 100× NA 1.25. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Amici Prism

An Amici roof prism is a special prism that is meant to deviate a beam of light by ninety degrees while inverting the image. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Axicon Lens

An axicon lens is a special lens with one plano (flat) surface and one conical surface. Also known as a rotationally symmetric prism, an axicon lens creates a focal line along the optical axis using interference, and can convert a laser beam into a ring shaped beam of light. Axicons are typically defined by their apex angles. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Polymer Optics / Plastic Optics

Polymer optics, also known as plastic optics, are specialized optics made from highly transparent organic polymer materials, or optical polymers. At Shanghai Optics we manufacture high quality polymer optical components and lens assemblies for a wide variety of applications. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Cold Mirrors

Our mirrors are manufactured from float glass, and our factory standard surface quality is 80-50 scratch dig. The thickness of each piece is specified to within +/- 0.3 mm, and all other dimensions are guaranteed to be within 0.5mm of stated measures. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses are special lenses which can be used in machine vision systems and imaging systems to maximize performance and provide highly accurate, repeatable measurements. Shanghai Optics manufactures both object-space and image-space telecentric lenses, and we are able to provide stock parts, pre-engineered specifications, and fully custom lenses. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Biconvex / Double Convex Lenses

Biconvex lenses also known as double convex lenses are simple optical lenses with two convex spherical surfaces, surfaces which bulge out from the center. These two convex surfaces have the same radius of curvature, and the lens focuses parallel rays of light to a single point beyond the lens. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - SWIR Imaging Lenses

A SWIR lens, or short wave infrared lens, is optimized for light in the 0.9 – 1.7μm wavelength range. We manufacture high quality SWIR lenses for surveillance, quality control, inspection and anti-counterfeiting imaging. Since ambient star light and background nightglow are natural providers of SWIR light, short wave infrared imagery is especially suited to night vision applicat... (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Bandpass Filters

A bandpass filter is designed to pass a specified range of wavelengths with high transmittance while blocking all others. At Shanghai Optics we produce a variety of band-pass filters for various applications, including biotech, machine vision, laser line separation, spectral radiometry, and fluorescence applications. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Freeform Optics

Freeform optics brings great advantages to system integrations and has broad applications in various fields including illumination, aerospace, biomedical engineering, green energy, optical imaging, automobile, etc. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors

An off-axis parabolic mirror transforms plane waves into spherical waves and vice versa with high accuracy, making it ideal for collimating light from a point source and focusing collimated light. Our high-quality mirrors are versatile across UV, visible, and IR applications. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Micro Prism

A prism is a solid glass object given a specific geometric shape for the purpose of dispersing, deviating, rotating or displacing a beam of light. A micro prism, as the name suggests, is a very small version of an optical prism. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Laser Lenses

Laser lenses are the optical lenses that are used in laser-based devices for a variety of laser applications such as but not limited to laser illumination, laser collimator, laser scanning, laser dimensioning, material processing, laser welding, laser cutting, laser tracking, line/ pattern generator, etc. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Custom Fiber Collimators

A fiber collimator is an optical component designed to transform the light emitted by an optical fiber into a collimated beam of light with a specified diameter, or to a designated spot size. Used in reverse, they can also be used to focus light into a fiber. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Aspheric Lenses

Molded and polished Aspheric Lenses from Shanghai Optics Inc. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Fluorescence Filters

At Shanghai Optics we produce a wide range of fluorescence sets that are designed with the excitation and emission filters suitable for each commonly used fluorophore. For specialized applications, such as those using multiple fluorophores, alternate dichroic filters or laser sources, we are able to produce custom filter sets upon request. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Megapixel Lenses

Shanghai Optics manufactures megapixel lenses with high resolving power for use in industrial S-mount megapixel cameras. These fixed focal length lenses feature extremely high resolution and low distortion, enabling sharp, high contrast imagery. Our lenses are ideal for all machine vision applications, including macro work, inspection, and factory automation. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Germanium Lens

At Shanghai Optics we manufacture a wide variety of germanium lenses with various anti reflection coatings. Spherical plano-concave, p-convex, concave-convex and aspheric lenses are all available in a wide variety of sizes. We are also able to accommodate special orders should you need a size, shape or AR coating. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - High Reflectivity Mirror

At Shanghai Optics we use state-of-the-art equipment to produce precision high reflectivity mirrors. Before they leave our factory, these mirrors are carefully tested to ensure they meet and exceed all relevant standards. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses

Shanghai Optics has high manufacturing capability of Infrared Aspheric Lenses for substrates such as Germanium (GE), Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) and Silicon (Si) . Our lead time is 3-8 weeks and our prices are super competitive and generally 30-40% less than off-the-shelf/catalogue parts even on single quantity components. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Germanium Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses

Shanghai Optics has high manufacturing capability of Infrared Aspheric Lenses for substrates such as Germanium (GE), Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) and Silicon (Si) . Our lead time is 3-8 weeks and our prices are super competitive and generally 30-40% less than off-the-shelf/catalogue parts even on single quantity components. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Ball Lenses

A Ball Lens consists of a highly transparent spherical ball, usually made of solid glass (fused silica) or another optical material with index of refraction less than 2. Most ball lenses are made with small diameters – a few millimeters or even less than a millimeter. The optical physics can be understood by realizing these lenses are two plano-convex lenses separated by a parallel... (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Domes

Shanghai Optics manufactures custom optical domes in a wide variety of substrates, suitable for visible, IR, or UV light. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Filters

Optical filters selectively allow certain wavelengths of light to pass freely while blocking other wavelengths. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Medical Optics Introduction Video

Optics is playing a key role in nearly every modern diagnostic advancement and devices that rely on optics are extensively used for medical research, diagnostics, and treatment. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Custom Optical Solutions

Shanghai Optics relies on over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience and advanced metrology to provide our customer with world class lens design and manufacturing services. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Custom IR Camera Optical System Consultation

Recently a client came to us for developing an imaging lens of a new Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera. The client had selected a large-format image sensor and was intended to develop a new IR camera with high sensitivity and large Field of View (FOV). The clients could not use the off-the-shelf lenses because of the low image contrast and large vignetting at the large field angle. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Metrology

With state-of-the-art optical metrology equipment, Shanghai Optics is capable of producing and also testing precision optical components and systems. We inspect and qualify the produced parts in accordance with our customers’ specific requirements and MIL/SPEC. All the parts are shipped with inspection reports, material certificates and coating curves (if applicable). (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Reverse Optical Engineering Services

Many engineers use standard or off-the-shelf lenses for building new-product prototypes. Relying on a unique lens component from a specific supplier for a new product, the cost can be high and production development plan can be significantly affected if the supplier discontinues the lens component or fails to make the lens product meet your application requirements. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Design

Are you looking for a reliable partner in optical lens designs? Do you need custom optics designed for manufacturability? Shanghai Optics has a strong engineering team with deep knowledge of optical design and manufacturing process. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Engineering Services

The optical engineering services provided by Shanghai Optics is our way of making more than 60 years of experience in optical engineering, opto mechanical engineering, product development and design accessible to you and your team. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Optical Coating

An optical coating is a thin-film deposit used to enhance transmission, change reflective properties, or change the polarization of light transmitted through an optical component. (read more)

Shanghai Optics - Rapid Optical Prototyping from Shanghai Optics

Reducing custom optical product life-cycles and delivering true rapid prototyping is critical to the success of devices, instruments, and platforms that rely on optics and imaging. (read more)