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Category: Optical Lens Assemblies
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Our Commitment to Excellence

We are ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

To help users reach beyond their imaging and design limitations through our innovative optical imaging technology. We want to lead,empower and unite our team to become the most trusted and knowledgeable source of custom lenses and optical components. We accomplish our mission by setting the highest standards in service,reliability and quality in our industry.

Shanghai Optics

55 years of optical design, optimization and manufacturing experience.

We are the leading custom optics supplier of photonics products including high precision optical components, lens systems, and opto-mechanical assembly - UV, VIS, NIR and SWIR applications. We serve OEM customers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, defense, industrial, commercial and research industries in North America and worldwide.

From rapid prototyping to high-volume production, Shanghai Optics offers a full spectrum of design and manufacturing expertise including our state-of-the-art metrology equipment to ensure optical performance. Our expert engineering team can optimize optical systems with in-depth Design for Manufacturing (DFM). We have years of experience in custom lens design and optical precision assembly, which enables us to bring our clients top quality products with cutting edge functionality in the most cost effective way.

With our business experience in the photonics industry, Shanghai Optics has supplied clients worldwide with top quality optics that have resulted in remarkable savings for them.

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