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TE Connectivity has promoted these products / services:

TE Connectivity - Optimized GNSS performance with TE Embedded L1/L5

Providing optimized performance in specific frequency bands and a variety of form factors, the new flexible embedded L1/L5 GNSS antennas from TE Connectivity (TE) addresses the growing demand for antennas in asset tracking and positioning applications. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Supporting 440GBPS with Stacked QSFP-112G SMT

Stacked QSFP 112G SMT Connectors and Cages from TE Connectivity (TE) support data rates of 400Gbps (gigabits per second) with superior signal integrity and meet 112G PAM-4 standards. These products are able to support a variety of requirements in data center and cloud computing by offering high density, backwards compatibility, design flexibility, and a broad portfolio of options. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Connectivity Solutions with TE AMP-Latch

Our AMP-LATCH ribbon cable interconnects offer quick, reliable connections without stripping or prepping wires. AMP-LATCH connectors, also known as ribbon cable connectors, are used to make the transition between ribbon cable and pc board (PCB) circuitry, with the primary function of connecting one board or subsystem to another. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Gar Multi-Port Vehicle Antennas with QMA Connector

Gar multi-port vehicle antennas provide an excellent solution for Public Safety, Transportation and Aftermarket Fleet applications. Configured for 2-port MIMO operation over the 3G / 4G / 5G / ISM / CBRS bands and 2-port MIMO operation over the low//high frequency Wi-Fi bands, with an additional 5th port for GNSS. Now with QMA connectors for rapid installation. (read more)

TE Connectivity - RP20 Pro MIMO 5G FWA Directional Antennas

The new 2x2 RP20 pro high gain directional antennas provide high-performance connectivity for current and emerging 4G and 5G frequencies over the 617-960 and 1427-6000 MHz frequency ranges (when used in conjunction with a cellular router or gateway). (read more)

TE Connectivity - L000659-02 – Wi-Fi 6E / 7 Tri-Band Antennas

L000659-02 is a 2.4-2.5 / 4.9-6.0 / 6.0-7.125 GHz tri-band omnidirectional array antenna with a rotatable type-N male connector and sleeved base for ease of installation. Especially designed to complement interior or exterior mounted Wi-Fi 6E wireless network systems. (read more)


The newly expanded line of RF (radio frequency) terminators from TE connectivity (TE) helps customers terminate open transmission lines in RF circuits. An RF terminator is typically placed at the end of a transmission line and is designed to match the cable’s AC impedance. They are used to terminate the open end of a cable and form an endpoint for a signal. (read more)


Off-the-shelf cable assemblies are a product extension of our HPI, AMP CT and AMP Mini CT product lines that allow for quicker prototyping. The assemblies allow our customers to use AMP CT, AMP Mini CT, and HPI connectors prior to investing in tooling. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Smaller Designs with TE's .4mm Fine Pitch BTB

Our fine pitch board-to-board connectors are optimized interconnect solutions for smaller and thinner electronic consumer products. They are designed to meet the miniaturization trend in the market. Our product series features a smaller centerline, narrower body, and lower mating height. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Versatility with TE NFC Antennas

TE Connectivity’s (TE’s) NFC antenna offer an extremely compact and versatile family of antennas for two-way read/write operations at 13.56 MHz. The form factors available mean that the NFC antenna family is suitable for multiple applications at 13.56 MHz operations. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Signal Integrity with TE T/M RF Assemblies

TE Connectivity’s (TE) high frequency RF connectors, adaptors, termination and testing cable assemblies support up to 110 GHz and can provide better performance for test & measurement and other demanding applications (read more)

TE Connectivity - Compact Wifi/Bluetooth with TE 2.4 VHETH

The new 2.4 GHz Vertical Helical Antenna is a compact, rugged surface mount helical antenna designed for 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band applications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Uninterrupted Power with TE Power Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) power connector and cable assembly portfolio provides a wide range of power transmission solutions that offer exceptional electrical and mechanical performance, delivering reliable and stable power transmission to a wide variety of applications with potential to achieve power >10kW at 48V. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Powering IoT with TE 1.5mm Dual-Row HPI

TE introduces an extension of our legacy High-Performance Interconnects (HPI) product line. 1.5mm dual-row locking HPI connectors can be used where signal or low power needs to be routed through a device. The external locking feature ensures secure mating retention and helps to improve the reliability of the interconnect system by helping to prevent accidental unmating. (read more)

TE Connectivity - More Connections in Less Space with TE HD BNC

High-density BNC connectors from TE Connectivity (TE) provide a compact design solution for large video transmission systems, broadcast systems, and video signal applications. High-density BNC connectors are smaller than traditional BNC connectors and are intended to be arranged in tighter configurations than traditional BNC connectors, allowing for up to four times as many interconnects. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Connecting Your Devices with TE Nano-SIM

The new line of nano SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card connectors from TE expands the existing portfolio of SIM card connectors to include the compact 4FF form factor. Many modern smartphones now use nano SIM cards and demand for this card style has increased across the electronics industry, including the commercial and industrial IoT (Internet of Things) space. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Enabling Open Compute Systems with TE MXIO

TE Connectivity (TE) has rich experience in designing high-speed and high-power connectors and cable assemblies that enable us to expand our product portfolio to offers connectors compliant with the SFF-TA-1033 specification and the OCP (Open Computer Project) DC-MHS (Data Center – Modular Hardware System) M-XIO base specification. (read more)

TE Connectivity - All in One Solution with TE FP20 Auto

FP20 auto antennas provide an all-in-one solution for LTE/5G, Wi-Fi, GNSS and Bluetooth in high bandwidth mobile connectivity applications. The product family includes multi-port solutions up to 9-ports, along with a range of connector options to suit all major vehicular gateways and routers. (read more)

VersAnte multi-port IoT antennas offer combinations of 4G/5G cellular, Wi-Fi and GNSS coverage in an extremely compact form factor.

As a ground plane independent family, these antennas can operate on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. This feature combined with an IP67, IP69K rating makes this antenna an ideal solution for a broad range of IoT applications. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Enhance Connections with TE RP40 Fixed Wireless

The new RP40 lite 4x4 MIMO antennas provide high-performance connectivity for current and emerging 4G and 5G frequencies over the 617-960 and 1427-6000 MHz frequency ranges, when used in conjunction with a cellular router or gateway. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Building rugged designs with AMP Stacked Dsubs

AMPLIMITE D-subminiature stacked PCB connectors are members of the complete line of AMPLIMITE

D-subminiature connectors which has been adopted by the electronic industry for their rugged design and ease of application. This series was previously discontinued. Due to increased demand in the marketplace, the product line is being reintroduced. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Powering Next-Gen Data Centers with TE CROWNCLIP

TE Connectivity's (TE) CROWN CLIP Sr. 420A power connector is a compact, high current connector for busbar power distribution using the popular CROWN BAND contact technology. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Embrace Next-Gen with TE Stacked QSFP-DD 112G

TE Connectivity (TE) stacked quad small form factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD) 112G connectors and cages are the next generation of data infrastructure interconnect solutions to support high density data centers, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence operations. QSFP-DD 112G solutions enable operations at 112G speeds, and are built to high mechanical and performance standa... (read more)

TE Connectivity - Reliable and Secure Connections with TE HPI

TE Connectivity’s (TE) wire-to-board High Performance Interconnect (HPI) connector system is available in 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm centerline pitch. This connector system offers vertical and horizontal (right angle) connector mounting for versatility, and the square-peg technology enables product compatibility with industry standard products. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Super Speed and Super Efficient with TE USB 3.2

The newly released USB 3.2 Type-A Gen 2 vertical mount receptacles from TE Connectivity (TE) are the fastest USB Type-A connectors available in the marketplace at 10Gbps. Providing the faster data speeds required in All-In-One (AIO) devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and high-performance storage devices, these connectors are suitable for consumer devices that require data transfe... (read more)

TE Connectivity - 400Gbps with TE QSFP-112G

TE Connectivity’s (TE) QSFP 112G 1x SMT Connector & Cage supports aggregate data rates of 400Gbps (gigabits per second) with superior signal integrity and meet 112G PAM-4. To support various requirements in data center and cloud computing by high density, backward compatibility, design flexibility and broad portfolios. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Make things Simple with TE AMPLIMITE Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) offers one of the broadest, most versatile portfolios of D-subminiature connectors in the market with unrivaled engineering support to address our customer’s needs. Our complete line of D-Subminiature connectors ranges from right angle and vertical PCB connectors to the AMPLIMITE .050 series D-Sub connectors. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Near endless options with TE RFID Antennas

TE Connectivity’s portfolio of RFID directional panel antennas includes a range of left and right hand circular polarization options as well as connector, cable and frequency options for global applications.

From inventory, shipping and receiving to supply chain management, applications of RFID technology can be beneficial for any industry. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Building connections with RP20 MAX 5G

The new TE 2x2 RP20 max MIMO antennas provide high-performance connectivity for current and emerging 4G and 5G frequencies over the 617-960 and 1427-6000 MHz frequency ranges, when used in conjunction with a cellular router or gateway.

They can enhance connections in retail premises, small businesses, remote locations etc. with cellular networks resulting in higher data speed and... (read more)

TE Connectivity - Ultimate Flexibility with Sliver for SFF-TA-1002

TE’s sliver interconnects for SFF-TA-1002 are highly adaptable to a wide variety of standards while maintaining optimal signal integrity. Their small size allows for better design placement and cooling, while still being robust enough to handle a wide array of applications. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Webinar: The Art of IoT Device Design

Join IoT experts from TE Connectivity (TE), u-blox, and Telefónica Germany as they reveal best practices for designing IoT devices to achieve significant connectivity efficiency, improved use of on-device and mobile network resources, product certification, and faster launch to market. Register today! (read more)

TE Connectivity - Data and Power with TE AMP Micro CT

TE Connectivity’s (TE) AMP Micro CT connectors and cable assemblies can provide an economical wire routing solution for power or signal needs, potential printed circuit board space savings, efficiency improvements and superior performance. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Powering Open Computing with TE ORv3

TE Connectivity’s (TE) power solutions portfolio for Open Compute Project (OCP) applications provide simple, yet customizable designs that enable a standardized platform capable of efficiently distributing up to 500A of power per UL and CSA criteria, while offering improved electrical performance. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Indoor and Outdoor Data with TE 5G Swivel Blade


Introducing the new DBA6171Cx 5G hinged swivel dipole antenna family.

Offering excellent performance from 617-7125 MHz and available in non-IP rated (indoor) and IP67 (outdoor) formats. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Heavy Duty Chip-Set Cooling with TE Thermal Bridge

TE Connectivity’s innovative thermal bridge technology provides better thermal resistance over traditional thermal technologies such as gap pads or thermal pads. This solution was developed by TE as customers seek ways to dissipate more heat associated with increasing system power requirements, specifically in applications with restricted airflow, liquid cooling or cold plate appli... (read more)

TE Connectivity - High Performance with 112G External Cabling

TE Connectivity’s (TE) 112G external cabling portfolio offers a wide variety of early-to-market, end-to-end solutions that allows for users to meet key demands in performance, physical reach, signal integrity, and bend radius. With a global manufacturing footprint, TE is capable of ramping production while retaining high quality and continuous improvement. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Drive Machine Learning with LGA 4677

LGA 4677 Socket

TE Connectivity’s (TE) next-generation server processor LGA 4677 socket provides more connections between main board and CPU. Designed for the needs of new generation processors, these sockets support bandwidth intensive operations and contain a greater number of memory channels – greatly expanding input/output capabilities. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Next Generation Data Centers with AOC Cabling

Active Optical Cable Assemblies

Our active optical cable assembly portfolio provides improved cable flexibility and longer reach, as compared to both traditional passive copper solutions and emerging active copper and active electrical (ACC/AEC) cable solutions, supporting high performance computing, data center and networking interconn... (read more)

TE Connectivity - Computing on the Edge with PCIe 5.0

TE Connectivity 's (TE) PCIe Gen 5 CEM connectors can enable all generations of PCI Express signaling and address the needs of higher speed performance with a roadmap of data rates that can reach up to 32 gigtransfers per second (GT/s) per differential signal pair. We can provide a broad product portfolio, early sample support, quick mass production and high reliable signal integrity per... (read more)

TE Connectivity - Quality I/O with TE Mini Cool Edge 85

TE’s expanded Mini Cool Edge IO 85ohm X8 X16 vertical receptacle into portfolio of internal cabled interconnects, now includes SlimSAS, SlimSAS Low Profile (LP) and Mini Cool Edge IO (MCIO) connectors and cable assemblies for SAS and PCIe Gen 4/Gen 5 server and storage applications. (read more)

TE Connectivity - IoT Devices and Wi-Fi 6E

Download the latest white paper from TE Connectivity (TE), which offers insights on Wi-Fi 6E technology, its benefits for IoT devices, key antenna selection considerations, and the future of Wi-Fi 7. (read more)

TE Connectivity - No Ground Plane Required with TE 5G Phantoms

The 5G Phantom NGP (No Ground Plane Required) antenna series cover either 617-7125 or 698-7125 MHz in a ground plane independent format. Offering global cellular coverage, without the need for a fixed ground plane, even for regions where the lower 600 MHz band is required. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Go Beyond the Cutting Edge with TE 224G

With TE Connectivity’s (TE) 224G Portfolio Solutions, a full
array of customized options for compute and rack
datacenter infrastructure is at your fingertips. Designed with
interconnectivity and compatibility in mind, along with
standard form factors and performance requirements, TE is
your partner for datacenter scaling and growth. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Support New Designs with TE Higher Height Springs

With TE Connectivity’s (TE) higher height spring fingers, designers have a wider array of options when it comes to shielding their devices from EMI noise and providing vital ground connections. With high current capacity and multiple form and fit options, customers can support applications including IoT, consumer products, automotive, industrial, and appliances. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Unparalleled customizability with DDR5 DIMM

Our DDR5 DIMM socket is the next generation offering of memory hardware designed for high performance computing and server platforms. With the ability to support up to 6.4 GT/s (giga transfers per second) in bandwidth, and a SI performance of 20Ghz, DDR5 sockets deliver on performance while maintaining the quality and robustness expect by the end user. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Delivering Speed with TE DIMM Sockets

TE Connectivity’s (TE) memory socket portfolio is made to JEDEC industry standards for dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and small outline DIMM (SO DIMM) as well as custom memory modules for server, workstation, desktop, notebook, storage and communication applications. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Miniaturization Considerations for IoT Devices

Gain insights into overcoming design miniaturization challenges associated with smart IoT device antennas, PCB connectors and components with this informative white paper from TE Connectivity (TE). Additionally, you are invited to register for a webinar where a panel of TE experts will further explore this topic and answer questions. (read more)

TE Connectivity - Upgrade your Data with 112G Portfolio Solutions

TE Connectivity’s (TE) 112G Product Portfolio provides a robust and flexible array of solutions to enable next generation architectures. (read more)