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Trotec Laser, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Trotec Laser, Inc. - October: Grow Your Business Seminar

Join us on October 25th at participating locations for a seminar on How to Grow Your Business with Production Lasers. Particpating Locations: Brookline, MA; Mechanicsville, VA; Minneapolis, MN; San Jose, CA (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Join us at PRINTING United

Come see us October 18-20 in Atlanta for the PRINTING United Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Trade-In Program

Take advantage of our trade-in program going on throughout August 2023! (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Large Format Laser Cutting Foam

From practical uses such as packaging, case inserts, and sound insulation to interior design, foam is a favorable option for numerous printed and unprinted applications. Foam is found in many applications in the automotive and aircraft industries, to name a few. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Launching Now! - Ruby® 2.5

Since we first presented Ruby® two years ago, we have continually worked to refine laser software. The latest release, Ruby® 2.5, brings more features and improvements. Check it out! (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Trotec Laser: 25 Years of Innovation & Service

At Trotec Laser, we are celebrating a quarter of a century of company history! Join us as we look back with pride on a successful and eventful 25 years. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Trotec Laser Names New CEO

Trotec CEO Andreas Penz will take on the role of CEO of the organization's new Laser Sources Group, and former COO Peter Kratky will succeed him as CEO of Trotec. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Glazed Acrylic Engraving with Relief Mode

Tune in to watch how to heat glaze and engraved acrylic surface by taking your laser out of focus, creating eye-catching results. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - How to Make an Edge Lit Acrylic Sign

This month's #LaserHack will show you how to heat glaze an engraved acrylic surface by taking your laser out of focus, producing beautiful results. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Trotec Vision Design & Position

Introducing Trotec's Vision Design & Position system!

The new 12-megapixel patent-pending lid camera eliminates the need for manual positioning, shortens laser workflow, and makes processing laser job setup the fastest it's ever been. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Benefits of Laser machines in manufacturing

Using laser machines in manufacturing: Digital. Permanent. Contactless. The cutting and marking of functional foils, engineering plastics and housing in precision engineering or in vehicle manufacturing reduces process costs and increases flexibility.

Learn more (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Reduce process costs in manufacturing

If laser technology is used in manufacturing, costs can be reduced many times over. See examples that show the savings per marking or over the investment period. Good to know: The laser costs include the investment costs and the running costs.

  • Laser marking vs. inkjet printing
  • Laser cutting of composite films
  • Laser cutting self-adhesive films<.../li>
(read more)
Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Marking Machines

Why you need a laser marking machine from the SpeedMarker series. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Engraver and Cutter Speedy Series

Why you need a Speedy laser engraver and cutter. (read more)