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Technical Articles

Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division has published these technical articles:

(Humidity and Moisture Sensing)
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The module is precisely calibrated by the manufacturer and is therefore fully interchangeable without adjustment. Both the linearity error as well as temperature drift are corrected "on-chip" through...
(Chemical Sensors)
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A biosensor is a device capable of detecting a certain substance or analyte with high specificity. Examples of such analytes are glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate. Most biosensors measure the...
(Temperature Sensing)
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In definition, response time refers to the interval in time a system needs to react to a given input. Decreasing response time while maintaining a high quality and accuracy is an issue which many...
(Process Controllers)
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What can Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG offer to the Internet of Things? As a leading supplier and partner for physical, chemical and biological sensors, we offer customers the opportunity to...