3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division

The Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division (IATD) designs, manufactures and markets extensive product lines within five businesses: Converter Markets and Bonding Tapes; Specialty, Single Coated and Masking Tapes; Adhesives; Paper and Printing; and Packaging Tapes and Equipment.

IATD offers products within these categories/areas: acrylic, epoxy, urethane, hot melt, cyanoacrylate, aerosol adhesives and chemicals, water-based and solvent-based general liquid adhesives, adhesive applicators and specialty sealants; a complete line of single- and double-coated pressure sensitive tapes, including adhesive transfer tapes, masking, specialty tapes, bundling and reinforcing, identification label materials, packaging, protective tapes and equipment, and products for paper and printing.

IATD products are ideal for applications that need high and low temperature performance, short and long term protection, special characteristics, weatherability, durability, high strength, bonding, sealing, tamper indicating, identifying, box closure and sealing, bundling and reinforcing, masking and gasketing.

The Converter Market Industry Center is dedicated to the development of products to the converter channel. This includes identification materials including adhesive transfer tapes for the manufacture of nameplates.

The Paper and Printing business unit provides products and services to the paper mill and commercial printing industry.

Major Markets: Construction, general industrial, electronics, transportation, metal and metal finishing, plastic, wood (furniture), appliances, recreational, medical device, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, paper and printing, marine, metal finishing, aerospace and commercial vehicle.

Distribution: Industrial distributors, retail markets and authorized converters.

3M IATD Products Include:

Bonding Tapes
Structural and Non-Structural Adhesives
Performance Label Materials
Release Liners and Printable Films
Packaging Tapes
Specialty Tapes
Masking & Duct Tapes
Protective Tapes
Reclosable Fasteners
Specialty Products
Flexographic Mounting Systems

3M is constantly working to deliver innovative technologies that strengthen your competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets.

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