ABZ Inc.

In 1989, ABZ saw the need to provide an efficient and reliable method for calculated fluid flow in complex systems found not only in power plants but in the chemical and other process industries. ABZ completed the development of the award winning "Crane Companion" in 1992. Since then, ABZ has improved the program and now offers a complete fluid flow analysis program called Design Flow Solutions.

ABZ Inc.

Design Flow Solutions® is a fluid flow software suite which provides the engineer with a range of computer tools to solve fluid flow problems. DFS is a must for the engineering professional who needs fast reliable reference information and solutions to fluid flow problems. ABZ currently offers:

  • DF DesigNet® V4 is the most powerful, comprehensive and cost effective pipe network analysis program available. Includes both gas and liquid analysis.

  • DF Branch® V4 provides an economical yet powerful way to analyze singe pipelines for both gases and liquids.

ABZ, Incorporated was founded in 1986 and continues to provide services to the nuclear industry. ABZ clients include nuclear utilities, state rate commissions and the federal government. ABZ provides a variety of services to improve the safety and efficiency of the nation's nuclear power plants. Those services include assessments of operational safety, in-depth evaluation of nuclear power plant design and detailed analyses of utility management practices. ABZ also provides expert testimony for both utilities and rate regulators in legal disputes involving nuclear power plants. ABZ is an innovator and leader in providing services related to decommissioning costs, spent fuel storage, evaluating nuclear property insurance limits and assessing operational safety.

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