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Category: Gas Instruments
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We provide customized engineering solutions to simplify our customer's complex product requirements.

Gas Detection
We have a wide range of standard product boilers but distinguish ourselves by providing custom solutions with ease and minimal additional cost. Acme has always produced packaged solutions that include controls and instrumentation. This required us to develop expertise in pressure vessel design, on which our boilers' technology is based, to complement the electrical engineering for our heating and control systems. Our detailed files on completed projects allow Acme to easily recover expertise from the past and reformulate it for current applications.
Acme offers a full range of gas detection products that will meet the demands of even the most complex Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide applications. Our product offering includes panels ranging anywhere between 4 to 256 points, remote relay modules for in-situ activation of ventilation and transmitters with operational ranges of 10,000 square feet. ACME has been manufacturing Automatic Scraper Strainers since the Mid-1980's. Widely recognized for our design flexibility, our units are designed to remove solids from 150mm in size down to 50 micron particles. These strainers are available with connections from 1' up to 48' in fabricated carbon steel, stainless steel and various alloys such as Alloy 20, Monel 400 and Super Duplex. All internal components, including the wedgewire screen, are constructed for durability and longevity.
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