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Category: Laminating Adhesives and Composite Resins
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AGC Chemicals Americas is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGC Inc., a multinational corporation and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass, electronic displays and chemical products. Headquartered in Exton, Pa. including a state of the art technology center, AGCCA maintains manufacturing operations in nearby Thorndale, PA, a satellite sales office in Guaratingueta SP, Brazil and warehouses and distributors located throughout North America.

Our company manufactures, markets and sells fluoroproducts including Fluon® fluoropolymer resins, Fluon+™ enhanced fluorinated materials and compounds and AFLAS® fluoroelastomers. We also market and sell specialty chemicals including AsahiKlin fluorinated solvents, LUMIFLON® FEVE resins, AsahiGuard E-SERIES and FibraLAST water and oil repellants, RESIFA Solesphere™ fine silica gels, PREMINOL polyols for polyurethanes, Cytop™ amorphous fluoropolymers and various fluoro intermediates for pharma and agro products.   Specialty materials offered are FORBLUE™ ion exchange membranes and dispersions, Fluon® ETFE film and F-CLEAN® greenhouse films completing our wide array of product offerings for many uses and markets.

Our corporate vision, “Your Dreams, Our Challenge” embodies our mission to become the preferred global fluorochemical materials solutions provider. Working with others to combine knowledge and advanced technology, we create unique materials, solutions and reliable partnerships that help make ever greater achievements possible, and bring bolder ideas to life.

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AGC High Performance Materials Aid the Expanding Hydrogen Market (Plastics, Elastomers and Polymers) Each year the US generates about 10 million metric tons of hydrogen. AGC Chemicals Americas provides fluoropolymer compounds essential for various stages of hydrogen production, storage, and transport... (View Full Article)
New Non-Fluorinated Barrier Technology (Chemicals and Raw Materials) There has never been a non-fluorinated sizing additive that could protect paper products like fast-food containers from both water and food oils. That has changed with AGC's development of a new... (View Full Article)