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Category: Power Quality Analyzers and Monitors
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ALL-TEST Pro (also referred to as ATP) is a U.S.A. incorporated company that develops and manufactures predictive maintenance (PdM) equipment for testing all types of AC & DC electric motors. ALL-TEST Pro has won numerous awards for its products and patented technologies.

The company is most known for its development of the patented Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) technology. Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) is a fast, accurate, non-destructive test that determines the health of specific components within electric motors. The 3-minute test uses proprietary algorithms to quickly determine the status of the stator, windings, rotor and cabling, by assessing and grading the components of the motor to determine the overall health of the electrical motor. All ATP instruments are hand-held and portable for field testing. ALL-TEST Pro motor testing instruments are currently the only devices in the world that can accurately detect early faults in motors.

ATP also sells online (energized) testing instruments which utilize Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) technology. ESA is capable of testing incoming power and associated power issues (similar to a megohmmeter) but also analyzes the entire load of the process while operating. Used in the Predictive Maintenance (PdM) industry, ESA allows maintenance managers to adjust, correct, and plan repairs to avoid potential downtime, motor failures and ineffective operations leading to additional wasted resources, such as raw materials, energy, man hours, and equipment.

Since 1985, ALL-TEST Pro has provided the industry with the most advanced predictive maintenance (PdM) testing and troubleshooting tools for AC and DC motors, coils, windings, transformers, generators and more to a wide range of industries worldwide.

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