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Category: Cable Assembly Services
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ALTEX, is an industrial services company providing engineered electronic solutions to OEMs through design support and manufacturing of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assembly and distribution of electronic and electrical components. They are headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis.

ALTEX has combined unique capabilities and highly qualified personal to provide design support and manufacturing services to the OEM marketplace.

ALTEX is built to solve problems for manufacturing companies. They can save your company’s resources by focusing on what they do well.

  • Assist in the design of wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Build your wire harness or electro-mechanical assembly
  • Assist in the selection and procurement of electronic/electrical components
  • Design a manufacturing solution that will minimize part numbers, tooling cost, and labor content

ALTEX's experience has taught them that successful and lasting business associations are based upon a true dynamic and collaborative partnership with their customers.

ALTEX operates their business with great care and discipline derived from on-going adherence to LEAN techniques and their ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. Their mission is to apply their core competencies to their customer's projects saving them valuable time and internal resources. Their people are passionate about serving their customers and together with their supplier’s partners, they provide valuable assistance to design engineers, commodity managers and material planning personals.

ALTEX has developed long-term relationships with customers of all sizes from fortune 50 corporations to privately held companies. These companies represent a wide variety of industries including; security, power generation, refrigeration controls, mail sorting equipment, automotive and general industrial equipment and controls. Products are shipped to destinations in the USA, Mexico and the Far East. They work well with NAFTA, PPAP documentation and provide complete environmental compliance services.

Above all, they are dedicated to maintaining respect and integrity in all aspects of their operations and in their professional and business conduct. Please contact ALTEX to discuss new possibilities for your business.


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