A.R. North America, Inc.

AR North America was founded in 1989 as the North American representative for Annovi Reverberi S.p.A, Italy, under the direction of Ralph Notch. It has since grown to the North American Pumps Division of Annovi Reverberi S.p.A., Italy, a world leader in High Pressure Plunger Pump Manufacturing, Portable Electric Pressure Washers, High Performance Accessory Components and Other Related Accessories for Pressure Washing, Car Wash, Sewer Cleaning, Reverse Osmosis/Desalination and other markets where high pressure water plunger pumps and the related accessories are utilized.

Operating in a 60,000 sq. foot warehouse located in Fridley, Minnesota, AR North America maintains high inventory levels for prompt delivery of products to manufacturers, distributors and service dealers. A well-staffed service department provides technical assistance and necessary repairs or product modifications to meet local requirements.

The Company's success is based on its commitment to technical excellence, unparalleled customer service, world-class manufacturing and distribution. The internal structure of ARNA is characterized by responsiveness in meeting client needs. Being a private family run business dictates that their allegiance to their clients' success is first and foremost.

Thanks to significant investments, A.R. North America, Inc. has been able to equip their factory with modern testing equipment, putting them in a position to guarantee high standards of quality and safety.

Working with AR North America, Inc. means you benefit from the combined wealth of experience that only a true market leader can bring to bear in answering your needs.

Pumps: Annovi Reverberi
Annovi Reverberi derives from the names of Mr. Umberto Annovi and Mr. Corrado Reverberi who built the company in 1956. Initially producing diaphragm pumps for agriculture, AR then successfully started to manufacture high pressure pumps, with the same strive for technical excellence and customer satisfaction that has been AR philosophy through the years. Annovi Reverberi is the largest privately owned company of triplex plunger pumps in the world and Corrado Reverberi and Son’s are the Principals.
A.R. North America, Inc.
Accessories: ArrowLine
A.R. North America, Inc. teamed up with ArrowLine over 15 years ago as sole importer of ArrowLine pressure washer accessories and components. Since then, A.R. North America, Inc. and ArrowLine has become the number one pressure washer accessory supplier in the Industry. A.R. North America, Inc. provides marketing and customer service to all of North America and stocks the complete range of ArrowLine products in their 60,000 square foot warehouse. In one of the most industrialized areas within Europe, considered one of the world manufacturing centers of high pressure water systems, ArrowLine started its production of Accessories for pressure washers more than 15 years ago; becoming today one of the world leaders. Management and technical staff of wide experience along with a precise production organizations and a very high quality control system is the base for its customers’ satisfaction. ArrowLine designs, tests and assembles accessories for high pressure washing machines, using top quality materials combined with the latest technology. ArrowLine offers a wide range of products that is in constant growth, to meet market needs.
A.R. North America, Inc.
Motors: Ravel
A.R. North America is Ravel Motor’s (motor division of Annovi Reverberi) USA and Canada’s distributor of single phase and three phase induction motors, insulated with F thermal class materials, designed for continuous running duty S1 at maximum 104 degrees F. Ravel has twenty years experience in design, development and manufacturing of electric motors.
A.R. North America, Inc.
Nozzles: Spraying Systems
A.R. North America’s first choice supplier of high pressure quick connects and meg style nozzles is Spraying Systems Co. Spraying Systems Co. is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial spray products, offering more than 87,000 different spray nozzles and accessories. Their nozzles are readily available in thousands of sizes, hundreds of configurations and dozens of materials. And, with 12 manufacturing facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, they can quickly deliver to customers anywhere in the world.
A.R. North America, Inc.
Brushes: GF Rotary
A.R. North America’s brush accessories manufacture G.F. Rotary. G.F. was established in 1966, specializing in highly technical thermoplastic molding, especially in the sectors of medicine, radiography and photography. Some of the most important creations include: filters for blood oxygenation, by-passes, parts of artificial hearts and rollers for radiographic and photographic development. The high level of know-how acquired, great technological capacities, valorization of human resources and marked flexibility subsequently enabled G.F. to enter the sector of garden irrigation and car washing.

Thanks to high quality, refined design and an efficient service, today G.F. is one of the most important manufacturers in the sector. A new line of household water filtration systems has recently been introduced. G.F. now has a vast range of comprehensive, high-quality products capable of fully satisfying the needs of the market, where it has an outstanding price/performance ratio.
A.R. North America, Inc.
Tank Cleaning Heads: Bolondi
Thanks to a program of product optimization, resulting from a careful and meticulous client feedback process, the 1980s and 1990s witnessed the development, by the Bolondi Ivano Engineering Workshops, of a large number of technical innovations in the washing head production sector. A comprehensive range of low and high-pressure products designed to meet the needs of firms looking for products that are perfectly suited for sanitizing and cleaning, from the smallest of containers to the largest of spaces. Particular care and attention has been devoted to the aspects of integration with industrial systems and machines, above all in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wine producing, transportation sectors, and in the urban and building cleaning industry, by using materials that are compatible with a large variety of products. It is impossible to overlook the detailed finishing touches that are applied to each and every aspect, hallmarks of truly innovative designs, and that are veritable technological treasures in each of the individual components.
A.R. North America, Inc.

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