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ASM - Automation, Sensors, and Measurement
ASM develops, manufactures and markets mechatronic position sensors for use in industrial applications. One of their other fields of business is the sale of sensor and measuring technology products from well-known partners. Thanks to their wealth of expertise, amassed over several decades, they have attained a leading role in the field of position measurement and have set industry standards.

ASM provides well-known national and international companies with top-quality, high-tech products. Their customers include companies from all sectors of industry, such as mechanical and plant engineering, automotive production, aeronautics, medical engineering, the steel industry, wood processing, commercial vehicles, the foodstuffs industry and warehousing technology. ASM's innovative products enable them to help automate processes, test systems and components and increase safety in the workplace.

With around 80 employees at ASM's headquarters in Moosinning near Munich, and at sales offices throughout Germany, France and the UK, they manufacture both series-produced products and customized solutions.

ASM Sensor Solutions

  • POSIWIRE® Cable Extension Position Sensors WS
  • POSITAPE® Tape Extension Position Sensors WB
  • POSICHRON® Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
  • POSIMAG® Magnetic Scale Position Sensors
  • POSIROT® Magnetic Angular Sensors
  • POSITILT® Inclinometers

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