AZCO Corporation is a diverse manufacturer of converting equipment, packaging machinery, and material supplier. Being a leading machine builder of feeding and cutting equipment for flexible two and three-dimensional web-fed products such as desiccants, coupons, leaflets, sachets, foils, foil cutters, rubber, plastics, foam, velcro and any roll stock, they can provide timely solutions to the most complex cutting applications. AZCO offers a broad range of components including equipment stands, hole punching machinery, slitter/sheeters, unwind/rewind stands, web cutting machinery, knife assemblies, and cut-to-length units. High precision feeding and cutting machines for all flexible materials including pouch dispensers, coupon inserters, fan folders, cut-to-length assemblies including guillotine, rotary, traveling, and slitter knives with integrated control systems; roll feeders; unwind stands; punches, and guillotine knives.

AZCO Corporation AZCO Corporation
• SUR-SIZE™ Cut-to-Length Assembly
• SUR-CUT ™ Guillotine Knife Assembly
• Smart Knife
• Rotary Knife for Crush / Shear Cut
• Pneumatic & Electric Precision Punches
• ACU-SLIT ™ Slitter Station
• Traveling Knife
• SUR-FEED™ Roll Feeder
• Unwind, Rewind
• Adjustable Stand

AZCO Corporation AZCO Corporation
• Pouch Dispenser
• Desicant Dispensing
• SUR-PAK ™ Pouch Dispenser / Inserting and Dispensing
• Coupon Inserter
• Cleanfil
AZCO Corporation AZCO Corporation
• Blister Card Cutting
• On Line Blister Cutter
• Smart Knife High Speed Cutting
• SUR-SIZE™ Sheeter
AZCO Corporation AZCO Corporation
• Cut To Length
• Unwind
• Rotary Knife
• Punch
• Slitter Station
• Knife Cartridge
• Tubing Cutter
• Traveling Knife
• Rotary Die Cutting Sheeter
• Dispenser
AZCO Corporation AZCO Corporation
• Cutting Modules
• Unwind or Rewind
• Lamination
• Cut-To-Length Applications
• Dispensing or Inserting
• Slitting
• Unwind, Punch, Slit and Cut-To-Length (All in one)
• Your Application (Template to describe your application)

AZCO Corporation AZCO Corporation
• Cutting Service
• Spare Parts
• Blade Sharpening
• Equipment Service
• On Site Service
• Remote Access Technical Support

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