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AZZ|RAL Rig-A-Lite leads the industry in innovative solutions and ruggedly designed products for marine lighting, industrial lighting, specialty lighting, petroleum lighting and food processing lighting.

Offering a complete line of severe environment lighting, explosion proof lighting, hazardous location lighting, wet location lighting and damp location lighting products suitable for almost any industrial application, AZZ|RAL Rig-A-Lite continues to set the standard within the lighting industry.

Rig-A-Lite, as part of a multi-billion dollar electrical manufacturing products group, is the premiere supplier of hazardous and severe environment lighting and light fixtures in the industry. We serve:

  • The Petroleum Industry - Our heavy-duty rig lighting helps land drilling and offshore drilling and production rig builders, engineers and specifiers find the exact solution to meet their needs.
  • Marine Industry - Our marine lighting helps vessel builders and marine receiving and repair facilities, engineers and specifiers customize to their unique environment.
  • Industrial Manufacturing Sector - Our industrial lighting products are found on military bases, petroleum & petrochemical refineries, storage & transportation facilities; used in mines & mining, grain processing & storage, vehicle & aircraft manufacturing, concrete & cement manufacturing, ethanol & biofuel production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, vehicle maintenance areas and other industrial environments.
  • Food Processing Facilities - Our industrial lighting products are found in fresh and frozen meat processing plants, fruit & vegetable processing and canning (fresh and frozen) facilities; used for snack & dairy foods processing, seafood processing, beverages manufacturing, candy and confections manufacturing, commercial bakeries, ready to eat processing, sugar & flour processing & storage, grain processing and storage, edible oils and other food processing environments.
  • Waste Water Treatment and Desalinization Facilities

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