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Category: AC Power Sources
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ABSOPULSE Electronics specializes in the design, development and manufacture of rugged, reliable, industrial and railway quality switching power supply solutions. Our product line includes AC-DC power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers, DC-DC power converters, DC-AC sine wave inverters, AC-AC phase and frequency converters, and complete power systems in 19" and 23" racks.

Our rugged power supplies are typically installed in industrial automation, railway, automotive, power utilities, mining, marine and telecommunications applications.

As a custom design manufacturer, we can meet any electrical configuration requirements within an output power range of a few watts to multi-kilowatts. Since the company’s inception in 1982, we have designed and built many thousands of power conversion products that are constantly proven in the field. This allows us to develop products rapidly and cost-effectively, even for highly custom projects.

All of our power conversion products are designed and built for an operating life of up to 30 years in demanding environments. Standards and processes that contribute to reliability and low cost of ownership of our power conversion products include:

• High quality designs with large design headroom and up-to-date technologies
• Optimal thermal performance
• Full electronic protection including surge and transient protection
• High efficiency
• High quality components with reliability established over many years
• Very high MTBF ratings supported by field data
• Robust mechanical construction
• Rigorous testing of every power supply throughout the production process
• ABSOPULSE's quality procedures have been approved by international agencies and by our corporate customers
• Quality management procedures at our plant are BABT approved
• Our quality system, which has been in place for many years, also adheres to elements of ISO 9001