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Category: Circulation Heaters
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Acrolab Ltd is a thermal engineering solutions company and this year marks our 70th year as a custom solutions provider for various industrial manufacturers from high-end consumer and defense electronics to plastics, rubber, and composite processors in all areas of manufacturing.

Acrolab's headquarters and research and development facilities are located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, however our business is global. As an innovator and research focused company, we continuously develop new enabling technologies and have two technology licensees, one in the European Union and the other in the United States of America.

Custom Solutions Provider

Acrolab provides three core capabilities to its clients;

First: A strong research and development (R&D) focus both internally with new product and process development and externally with client-sponsored research projects.

Second: We provide thermal engineering solutions provided by our team of design and applications engineers, utilizing existing and new technology developments in the area of thermal management to devise novel and innovative solutions to customer challenges in industrial processing.

Third: Acrolab aims to be a full-service supplier, providing a wide range of thermal electric and auxiliary products that enable our customers to get a complete solution from a single source.

Trademark Products Isobar®, Isoplaten® & Isomandrel®

Our products continue to be developed to improve, enable and enhance current and future production methodologies throughout the world. In the recent past, we have completed several R&D projects with industry leaders in consumer electronics, medical equipment, automotive applications, aerospace and oil & gas. We have also developed key relationships with other industry partners and brought together a team of specialists focused on delivering a comprehensive solution to our customers. From concept and design to prototype and testing, Acrolab provides a complete range of services to our customers.

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