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Category: Powder and Solids Blenders
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AdmixAs one of the premiere manufacturers of stainless steel and other innovative mixing technologies, Admix understands your business and provides solutions to your toughest mixing challenges. They have the field service experience to assist you with your formulation, improve productivity and lower formulation costs with their high performance mixing equipment.

Whether you require intank batch mixing, inline mixing and milling or powder induction, Admix has mixing systems to suit all your mixing, blending and particle size reduction needs. Their equipment has been proven to increase profits and reduce maintenance. 

Admix specializes in the manufacture of sanitary high speed dispersers, high shear emulsifiers, inline emulsifiers, wet mills, sanitary static mixers, blenders, low speed stainless batch mixers, vacuum conveying and powder delivery mix stations.  Their equipment complies with the newest and toughest hygienic and safety standards, including 3-A, USDA – Dairy, USDA – AMS, and AG – Canada. Their systems are available in corrosion-free stainless steel configurations, including the motor and drive frame, from ½ HP lab models through 100 HP production sizes.

At Admix, it's their mission to improve your production capabilities with more effective mixing, reduced horsepower and optimized capital costs. They strive to provide all their customers with a payback of one year or less through the use of new technologies that will outperform your current equipment.

Admix engineers, markets and services high performance and high efficiency mixing systems specifically for the sanitary and hygienic industries including: food, dairy, meat and poultry, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech.

Admix is committed to thoroughly understanding your mixing application and providing you the best technical solutions available in the market today. They stay ahead of the leading edge for the benefit of their customers.

Whether you have a new project or old equipment that needs to be optimized, Admix welcomes the opportunity to show you how the Admix advantage can provide superior solutions to your mixing operations.

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