Advantage Label & Packaging, Inc.

Advantage Label & Packaging is a team of people who enjoy what they do and it shows in their work. All Advantage Label team members have a strong background in labeling, barcoding, and the general manufacturing environment.

Advantage Label's goal is to provide creative solutions and exceptional service while providing the lowest total cost to their customer. They accomplish this goal by being extremely knowledgeable about the products they offer, providing their products on-time, and standing by their word.

Advantage Label & Packaging, Inc.Team Advantage is a label and marking solutions leader in the industry. By combining state of the art technology in printing, barcode scanning, software, media (labels, tags, ribbons), and design they create and support a complete solution. Variable printing for traceability is becoming a must.

The world is changing with regard to product marking requirements. The need to provide traceability and unique identifiers on each product, case and pallet is a reality for many, and on the horizon for the rest. Advantage Label is ready to work with you to identify your needs and help you wade through the technical specifications as well as choose the right technology for the task.

Please call Brad @ 800-260-0939 to request more information or a quote.

Advantage Label & Packaging, Inc.
Advantage Label & Packaging, Inc.

Advantage Label & Packaging, Inc.

Advantage Label is an authorized reseller and service provider for Liebinger Small Character Ink Jet systems. Continuous innovation and the highest quality workmanship are features associated with the name of LEIBINGER. LEIBINGER marking systems are used worldwide to mark products in the liquid and food industry as well as in automotive, electronics and metal forming. The marking and coding of products is non-contact and capable of very high speeds. The applications include marking cables, 2D data matrix codes in the pharmaceuticals and automotive industries as well as marking on packages and food. Other than the fantastic German built quality, what makes Leibinger so unique? They are the only CIJ ink jet manufacturer to have a nozzle and gutter tube that close airtight when not in operation. This prevents drying of ink in the print head. Even after long-term shut-down of the printer, an instant start without cleaning is guaranteed. Also, the newly developed refill system guarantees a clean, splash-free and odor-free refilling process.
Advantage Label & Packaging, Inc. Advantage Label is an authorized reseller and service provider for PRISM. PRISM INCORPORATED is one of the original innovators for using thermal inkjet technology in production environments to increase efficiency. With their strong reputation for reliability and over twenty years of experience they are proud to fully service and support Prism products. This makes Advantage Label uniquely qualified to provide HP inkjet solutions. With this system they are able to provide you with the most flexible, cost effective, and easy to use case coding and product marking system available. One of the most appealing aspects of what Prism has to offer is total integration. Their versatile software solutions paired with high quality hardware provide unprecedented control and coordination of the printing process. All Prism products feature a durable and easy to operate printhead. The manufacturing world benefits from all of the consumer supported R&D that has gone into the thermal ink jet technology. It is proven, trouble free, and has a very low cost of ownership over time vs. other ink jet/head technologies.

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