Affetti, established by Giuseppe Affetti, began its’ activities in mid- 1960’s as an industrial processing plant producer specializing in the field of corrosive liquids. This knowledge and experience was the foundation to develop and produce corrosion resistant pumps in engineered thermoplastics.

To meet the industry demand for corrosive pump technology, Affetti’s product line developments included a new range of magnetically driven pumps and a range of DIN/EN 22858 - ISO 2858 single and double seal horizontal pumps.

During 2009, Affetti introduced a new cantilever sump pumps range for the mining and the chemical industries.

Horizontal fiberglass centrifugal
pumps with mechanical seal
according to

The search for new markets has prompted the company
to introduce a new range of fiberglass pumps, drawing from
extensive experience in non-metallic pump technology, for
abrasive and corrosive liquids used in electro-chlorination,
water treatment, wastewater, desalination and various sea
water services.

At present, Affetti has achieved high quality levels by way of rigorous quality control measures and an innovative pump testing station for certifying various performance criteria up to 200 kW motor driven pump skids. As tribute to our technological innovation and ability to produce durable and reliable corrosive handling pumps, the Affetti brand name is widely recognized in industry.

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