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Headquartered in Staten Island, New York, All Shore Industries is a Global Electronics Manufacturing company offering high volume manufacturing of standard and custom electrical and mechanical products, along with full design support for customer specific applications.

Their three primary business groups are LCD Displays, Power Supplies, and Contract Manufacturing. Manufacturing is done at their ISO9001 certified facilities located in China and Taiwan. Engineering, program management, and all customer interaction takes place from their NY headquarters.

All Shore Industries

The interface between the world of electronics and the human operator.

Character and graphic LCD Displays allow you not only the ability to transfer information, but to visually demonstrate the quality and care that has gone into your product.

ASI Displays has been providing compelling display solutions since 1993 and is uniquely qualified in offering you a wide range of the highest quality LCD modules and panels at the most competitive products. Give your product the "look" it deserves - with ASI Displays.

All Shore Industries

Power your world with ASI Power Supplies.

All Shore Industries manufactures a broad range of standard and custom wall plug-in and desktop transformers, and power supplies at its modern ISO-9001 certified facilities in Taiwan and China.

All items are available in transformer sizes EI-35 through EI-66 with inputs for American, European, and other international standards, and a variety of standard output plugs. Each item has the appropriate certification(s).

Whether AC DC Regulated Switching, or Open Frame, ASI Power Supplies is your first choice for quality, service, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. OEM sales only.

All Shore Industries

State-of-the-art Asian manufacturing teamed with American ingenuity.

All Shore Industries, a leader in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry, provides world class Asian manufacturing teamed with US engineering. Their team can provide full product development, supplement the OEM's in-house engineering capabilities, or work from your completed design. Their flexibility and experience ensures the highest quality product at a price that can compete with the world. Manufacturing takes place at their modern, highly automated facilities in Asia. Outsourcing has never been easier or more productive. One supplier with overall responsibility.

Partnering with All Shore Industries - growing your bottom line.