All-State Industries, Inc.

All-State provides expert solutions for non-metallic industrial applications

Fabricated Rubber Products

All-State Industries uses water jets or presses to cut your products to your unique specifications. We cut all types of nonmetallic products, ranging from gaskets to floor mats. Materials can be fabricated from .0031" thick un-reinforced rubber to rugged 1" thick belting. If your tolerances are critical to the .001", we have the equipment and know-how to get your job done right.

All-State also offers molding, extruding and value-added customizing. Our flexibility allows us to take your drawings or specifications and turn them into the parts you need from a variety of materials. Using All-State for all your custom products simplifies the purchasing process.

Machined Plastics

All-State Industries is a leader in custom engineered plastic components. As metal replacement experts, we can show you how high-performance plastics can improve part life, reduce wear on mating surfaces, decrease corrosion and reduce or eliminate lubrication. From simple wear strips to high-speed bushings, All-State has the solution for your component requirements.

All-State utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, advanced compounds and proprietary process technology to deliver high-quality parts for your application. Our experience in component design enables us to select the proper material, machining process and initial stock shape to meet the performance, tolerance and cost requirements of your parts.

Urethane Solutions

Urethane is a high-performance engineered elastomer. It offers superior characteristics for high demand applications. Urethane is known for its excellent properties of abrasion resistance, cut and tear strength, load bearing, shock absorption, and chemical and environmental resistance.

In addition to being a top choice in demanding applications, urethane has other characteristics that make it a viable option in a variety of nontraditional applications. It is available in a wide range of hardness’s from very soft like a rubber band to very hard like a bowling ball, and in several different colors. Because All-State molds the parts in-house simple to complex designs can be accommodated. Urethane can be directly molded to many different materials including steel, aluminum and plastic to enhance performance characteristics.

Conveyor Belting & Accessories

Supplying the needs of the material handling industry has been part of the All-State picture since the company's inception in 1974. Selling solutions and providing a quality conveyor belt product for a wide range of applications including grain, wood products, food processing, recycling and aggregate has helped make All-State one of the leaders in today's market place.

With five locations across the United States, we can offer the highest degree of quality service. Our branch facilities in Columbus, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas distribute conveyor belting and related products regionally. All other U.S. areas are serviced through our West Des Moines, Iowa office.

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