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Category: Inductive Linear Position Sensors and Switches
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At Alliance Sensors Group, H. G. Schaevitz LLC, we take performance and reliability seriously. We're a full-service sensor company with proven experience and value-added services. We have technically trained staff to help you select the right sensors for your application. We specialize in industrial, OEM, Power Generation, Military, Test labs and special processes in manufacturing.

Our product line includes LVDT, LVIT position sensors, RVIT rotary sensors, support electronics and special sensors. In addition to our standard products, we can also custom design and build sensors to your specifications.  

Alliance Sensors Group, H. G. Schaevitz LLC can help you resolve your sensor problems by matching the right product with the right application. Let us help you find the extreme performance you're looking for. Our technical staff is here to assist you with any questions that may arise while making a decision on a sensor. These industrial type sensors can withstand added physical strength and heat resistance due to their superior materials. They also feature a protection up to IP 68 to keep dust and moisture out. Choose from various lengths and diameters or special order a unique design.

Alliance Sensors Group H. G. Schaevitz LLC will meet your custom requirements with knowledge and experience. We take great pride in working with your engineers to develop any position or rotary sensor that you may need. Alliance Sensors Group H. G. Schaevitz LLC will go to work for you. Having wide capabilities at custom machining and the experience that goes with it, we will complete your project to your satisfaction.

Complementing the manufacturing process is a full-capacity CAD system to document every product.


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