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Category: Digital Cameras
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Founded in 1989, Allied Vision Technologies is a 100% subsidiary of the publicly-traded Augusta Technologie AG. AVT designs, produces and sells cameras and components for image processing in industrial and life science applications. With innovative products, superior manufacturing quality and a service-driven organization, Allied Vision Technologies is well established as a premier provider of digital camera solutions for machine vision worldwide.


Allied Vision Technologies serves a wide variety of markets using machine vision including:

  • industrial inspection & automation
  • healthcare & medical
  • science & research
  • security & traffic
  • logistics
  • multimedia, entertainment & sports

...and many more.


Allied Vision Technologies' high-performance digital cameras are designed, manufactured and supported by:

Building on the experience of FireWire expert AVT and GigE Vision pioneer Prosilica, Allied Vision Technologies’ engineers develop high-tech digital camera solutions for the most demanding machine vision applications, including powerful software interfaces for an easy system integration.

All AVT cameras are manufactured by Allied Vision Technologies' own production sites located in Stadtroda (Germany) and Burnaby (Canada). Highly skilled staff and clean room facilities ensure “made-in-Germany” quality. All cameras leaving the production floor undergo a thorough quality test prior to shipment.

AVT’s sales and technical support organization counsels and assists customers before, during and after the purchasing process in choosing the right camera, selecting appropriate accessories and software development kits, installing and running the camera quickly and efficiently. Allied Vision Technologies has also established itself as a market leader in camera modification and custom design to meet specific requirements not addressed by standard camera models.

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