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Make Alpha Wire Your First Choice for Reliable Performance

No matter how demanding the environment, you want a cable with the performance and reliability to put your mind at ease. You want a cable that fits the application, no matter what extremes of temperature, oils and solvents, electrical noise, and other hazards it must withstand.

For over 90 years, Alpha Wire has engineered wire and cables that excel in taming tough applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor or the critical controls on an offshore oil rig, to advanced medical devices requiring smaller, lighter connectivity solutions, cables from Alpha Wire are working reliably day-in and day-out. We design and manufacture every cable to meet the critical demands of real-world applications. Using premium materials, advanced manufacturing, and world-class quality control, we manufacture every cable knowing its operation is critical to an application’s success.

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Alpha Wire
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Alpha Wire

The Alpha Wire Advantage

  • Proven reputation for high-quality, premium-grade products, such as Xtra-Guard® hazard-matched performance cables
  • Industry’s widest range and largest inventory of wire, cable, and FIT® heat-shrink tubing and wire management products in stock and ready for same-day shipping
  • Superior logistics; in by 6pm EST your order ships!
  • The smallest minimum order quantities in the industry on both standard and custom products - most items have only a 100 ft minimum
  • Flexible ordering, including small and large put-ups
  • Fast-turn manufacturing of custom configurations
  • Coast™ Custom Cable ranging from 50 to 4/0 AWG, with low minimums, available in an extensive variety of materials and configurations
  • Convenient availability through global reach of 1500 distributor locations worldwide
  • Unrelenting dedication to making sure you find the right cable to fit your needs
  • Environmentally friendly EcoGen™ family of smaller, lighter, zero halogen mPPE wire and cable


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Technical Articles

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