The Alstrom Energy Group has provided leadership and innovation in Heat Transfer Equipment Design and Manufacturing since 1939. Their comprehensive product line includes Patented Technologies designed for maximum performance efficiency. Alstrom equipment meets and exceeds ASME Section VIII (Division 1) requirements, is “U,” “S,” “H,” National Board “R,” “NB” certified and meets TEMA and other industrial standards. Alstrom equipment is based on a proven design methodology. All products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship. Alstrom has earned its reputation for excellence in engineering and manufacturing across a wide range of sophisticated heat transfer products, setting them apart from their competitors. No matter which product and/or options you select you will receive a truly unique solution, customized to address your specific needs whether they are HVAC, Industrial, Process or any other application.

Customer Service

Have an Application? Not sure what you need? That’s never a problem at Alstrom. They have the technical expertise you can count on. Their customer service staff is here to help. They have extensive knowledge and experience with heat transfer systems that is unsurpassed in the industry. Have an emergency? Their turnaround time is also worth mentioning. They can custom design and manufacture a heat transfer solution for unique applications faster than any other supplier. They can design and fabricate a complete heat exchanger within 2 to 5 business days. They will design a system that not only addresses your specific needs, but Alstrom systems are both extremely practical and cost effective. Because their thermal and mechanical calculations are based on sophisticated software models you can rest assured that the system they design for you will be ideal.

Custom Design

All heat exchangers are customized in order to fit the specific requirements of Alstrom's end user. Each product is manufactured with certified drawings. All design limitations, such as maximum pressure drop, maximal permitted length, size and orientation of nozzles are taken into consideration. If requested, new products may be developed.

Advanced Engineering

Alstrom's method of heat exchangers optimization is unique in the industry. It was developed by their Research and Development Department to include computerized thermal and mechanical modeling which ensures maximum performance effciency. This scientific methodology facilitates the selection of the most suitable and effective heat exchangers within required performance and design specifications at minimum cost.

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