American Cutting Edge, Inc.
Take care of the customer and everything else will take care of itself

Founded in 1965 by Charles Biehn Sr., American Cutting Edge's core value of taking care of you, the customer, is still the driving force that allows them to succeed. With thanks to all their loyal customers, employees and suppliers; American Cutting Edge's unique idea of Real Customer Service is continuously being improved year after year…

American Cutting Edge is “Easy to Do Business With” and they are "in the knife business so you don’t have to be.” Their companies execute these two philosophies every day. How do they do this? They listen to you; they offer expert advice; and together they determine what is best for you. Then they deliver. Period.

In American Cutting Edge's world of custom and common blades, your goals become their goals. Delivering what is best for you is best for them. When American Cutting Edge takes care of you, the customer, everything else will take care of itself.

Tell American Cutting Edge what you need and consult with their staff of Blade Specialists. You’ll get nothing except their best effort to define and deliver The Best Blade Solution.

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