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AFS is the leading North American based metalcasting association that assists member companies in the metalcasting industry as well as casting buyers and design engineers.

AFS helps metalcasters (foundries and diecasters), and industry suppliers to effectively manage all production operations, profitably market their products and services and to equitably manage their employees.

AFS offers assistance to casting buyers and design engineers through casting design and sourcing assistance, MetalcastingDesign.com, publications, courses and special conferences to educate the end users on the benefits of castings as well as provide design tips and assistance.


MetalcastingDesign.com is an online resource for metal casting buyers and design engineers sponsored by AFS. From general information on metalcasting processes and alloys (available from both foundries and diecasters) to specific design advice, this site offers a wide range of knowledge to aid in the successful design and sourcing of your engineered cast component.

Whether you need a sand casting or die casting, MetalcastingDesign.com is a compendium of information unavailable from any other source.

 Metalcasting Basics

  • Understanding the five basic metalcasting elements of molding, pouring, solidification, mold removal to help you design for manufacturability and utilize processes that meet your specific requirements.

  • Capitalizing on the flexibility of cast metal design to convert ideas into a cost-effective engineered part.

  • Recognizing the purchasing policies, buyer-seller relationships and cost considerations that lead to "best-value" procurement of metal castings.

Design Assistance

  • Foundry and Diecaster Directory, an interactive database of North American metalcasters, that allows designers to search for a casting supplier by alloy, metalcasting process, casting weight and/or location.

  • A Casting Alloy and Process Selector (CAPS) tool to help casting buyers and designers determine which casting alloys and process(es) may be suitable for specific metal casting designs. Users enter basic data about the metal casting (if available, alloy, weight, wall thicknesses, surface finish, production volume) and appropriate processes are presented.

  • The Cast Metals Institute (CMI) the educational arm of AFS, provides more than 80 courses throughout the year, covering nearly every aspect of the metalcasting process and industry.

  • The full-time staff of the AFS Technical Department regularly respond to "hotline" requests for technical and operational assistance.

  • The AFS Library is the most complete library of metalcasting technology available in the English language. Information is available through technical literature searches, information retrieval, videotapes and compiled literature series.

  • AFS Special Publications offers metalcasters, design engineers and casting buyers a wealth of information through the publication of books and special reports.

AFS, Schaumburg, IL also promotes the interests of the metalcasting industry before the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. With the direction of its volunteer committee structure, the professional staff of the AFS provides support in the areas of technology, management and education to further activities that will enhance the economic progress of the metalcasting industry.

American Foundry Society, Inc.

American Foundry Society, Inc.

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