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Category: Screw Machine Shops
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American Swiss Products has been supplying custom, Precision, Swiss style screw machined components for over 55 years.

Diameters: .0025-1.25” (.06mm to 32mm)
Tolerances to +/-.0001”

Machines: Swiss CNC, Mutli-spindle, Swiss Automatics, Escomatics

Secondaries: Plating, Grinding, Annealing, Advanced Polishing, Lapping, Coatings, Heat Treat, Honing, Anodizing

Materials: Carbon Steel, Surgical Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys: Brass, Bronze, Terillium Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Aluminum, Plastics, Titanium, Exotic Materials, etc. Contact the company for more detail.

Because of their experience, American Swiss is an integral partner to their customers in such industries as Connector, Sensor, Electronics, Medical, Dental, RF & Microwave, Semiconductor, Fiber Optics, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Instrumentation and others.

American Swiss takes pride in their constant communication with their customers. At American Swiss, they don’t have voicemail; you get the personal care you deserve with each and every call. They carefully monitor all open orders and keep you up to date on delivery status.

The company's proactive approach to quality governs every aspect of their business; from your initial pricing request, to order, to reorders. ISO 9001 compliant and registered since 1999. Recently, over $100,000+ in inspection equipment upgrades.

DDTC Registered and Woman Owned Small Business.

Stocking options are available: yearly blanket orders, KANBAN, VMI, customer tailored inventory plans.

Send American Swiss your requests today!

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