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Category: Bags and Sacks
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Ameripack CorporationFounded in 1989, Ameripack is a manufacturer/distributor of carrying, shipping, rack-mount, and panel-mount cases. Ameripack has a sales office located in New Jersey, and stocking warehouses across the United States. Ameripack services accounts worldwide in a diverse marketplace including the Military, Medical Diagnostics, Occupational Health & Safety, Oil and Gas Analytical Instrumentation, Avionics and Government Agencies.

At Ameripack they are committed to providing their customers with the best case that fits their needs - from roto molded to injection molded to vacuum molded to blow molded. They help their customers find the case that will work for their application. Ameripack's Injection molded and rotational molded cases are airtight, watertight, crushproof, dustproof and meet or exceed ATA and military specifications.

In addition to their over 6,000 stock cases, Ameripack has the ability to provide you with the following:

  • Custom foam inserts (in various gauges to properly protect your valuable equipment, laptops, tools, etc.
  • Divider systems and lid organizers customized to your specifications
  • EMI/RFI shielding & case labeling
  • A free 30 day evaluation
  • Standard, silicon O-ring design which seals out water, salt, air, and dust, plus allow the cases to be easily locked
  • 300+ sizes of Rotational Molded cases
  • Panel mounting for fixed installations
  • MIL-spec cases with customized features

Ameripack Corporation Ameripack is a proud supporter of the

Ameripack donates $1 for every case it sells to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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