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Category: Regenerative Blowers
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Headquartered in Kent Oh, USA, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions is customer focused and quality oriented. We have world-wide sales representative support, three R&D center (Kent, USA; Shanghai, China; Italy) and four manufacturing sites (North Carolina, USA; Shanghai, China; Reynosa, MX; and Serbia), allowing you to rely on us for your dynamic fluid motion solutions globally.

DFS's motto is â??We innovate and design advanced motion solutions that keep the world moving.â?� We are devoting to develop technology and execute lean manufacture in order to secure our products long-term reliability, high industry standards, and excellent quality. Our products cover a wide range of blowers and motor types â?? variable speed brushless blowers, series universal motors and blowers, transportation pumps, fans, PMDC and wound field motors, ROTRON Regenerative blowers and accessories.

DFS is one of four business units within AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions (AMS). Together with Dunkermotoren, Haydon Kerk- Pittman and AMETEK MAE, AMETEK AMS operates a manufacturing network with 16 locations and 3,200 employees that manufactures 10 leading motor and blower brands worldwide.

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