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Category: Audio and Video Connectors
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Amphenol Aerospace CorporationAmphenol Aerospace, a Division of Amphenol Corporation, is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world for the Military, Commercial Aerospace and Industrial markets. Amphenol designs, manufactures and markets cylindrical and rectangular, electronic, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special applications connectors and interconnect systems. Their 675,000 square foot facility is nestled at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Sidney, NY.  The complex houses over 1,400 employees, incorporating state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies including CNC machining, die-casting, molding, impact and extruding, plating, screw machining and process controls.

Their interconnect products are supplied to thousands of OEMs worldwide and are supported by their worldwide sales and engineering force, plus the largest global network of electronic distributors.

The Amphenol Aerospace Division consists of the interconnect facility in NY, two facilities in NH that manufacture electrical backplanes, rigid boards and flex assemblies, an interconnect facility in Toronto, Canada and two satellite assembly plants in Mexico and China.

Amphenol Aerospace Philosophy
As a basic business philosophy, Amphenol Aerospace is dedicated to concentrating on those advanced and challenging market segments that demand an extraordinary level of supplier support and reaction. Their approach to implement this strategy is based on the following key principles:

FOCUS: Concentrate all resources on serving a limited number of tightly defined markets, and understanding the needs of those markets.

INNOVATION: Provide these markets new, creative solutions in both products and services.

Identify and respond to the market and product needs more rapidly than any other supplier.

Performance is the sum of these principles. It is the measure of how well they continually and consistently implement their basic strategy and key principles.  

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