Anadyne Inc. has designed precision analog devices since 1986.

ANADYNE, INC. was incorporated in Santa Cruz, California, in May, 1986, for the purpose of the design and sale of high-precision analog integrated circuits. ANADYNE is best known for its development of logarithmic video-bandwidth amplifiers (LVAs). The L-17C LVA was introduced to the world market in 1988. This award-winning product became recognized as the world leader in the areas of stability, dynamic range, and low noise, among LVAs in the DC- to 50-MHz bandwidth range. The L-17C has been used in many applications on a global basis for two decades.

In 2006, the L-17C was replaced by a higher-performance LVA, designated the L-17D. Since then additional improvements to the original L-17D have been made, resulting in the currently available version 3 of the L-17D. Version 3 is offered in two different pin-outs designated pinout A or pinout B. Because of the current interest in hybrid circuit configurations, the new circuit it available in die form as well, which is designated: L-2010.

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