ANALYZE offers a unique combination of technical creativity and business expertise to help solve material problems, remove product development bottlenecks and eliminate production issues that adversely affect profitability. ANALYZE provides services to solve the most demanding material and production problems with:

  • Laboratory Analyses
  • Industrial Problem Solving
  • Process Troubleshooting and Development
  • Creation of New Products
  • Reformulation of Existing Products
  • Retro-Manufacturing (Recreation of Extinct Products)
  • Full-Service Manufacturing of High Value Products


ANALYZE began operations in 1987 and has successfully provided superior materials characterization, product development and manufacturing services to entrepreneurs, quality control, research and industrial scientists and engineers in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Medical Devices
  • Personal Care
  • Plastics
  • Semiconductors
  • Transportation



ANALYZE views all of their colleagues, clients and suppliers as partners. “Our success depends on their success.” As individuals and as a company, ANALYZE is dedicated to helping their partners be successful by meeting or exceeding their expectations in the quality of the communications, services and products provided to them.


ANALYZE is dedicated to helping its clients be successful and profitably bring needed services or products to the marketplace while providing a working environment where an individual is respected and able to fulfill his or her potential and share the rewards of hard work, personal creativity and team effort.

ANALYZE has built a reputation for developing strong working relationships with clients based on good communications and setting mutually agreeable expectations. The client relationship begins with a problem to be resolved or a new product idea to be explored. The working team, which includes the client, develops the knowledge base underlying the project, a clear definition of the issue, a variety of potential project pathways and the action items needed to achieve the client’s objectives. When a plan is proposed and accepted by the client, ANALYZE delivers results.

ANALYZE specializes in transforming noteworthy ideas into marketable products.


ANALYZE is prepared for the fast competitive challenges that face industries not only in the United States but throughout the global economy. ANALYZE offers a sophisticated and proven process – Analyze, Invent and Commercialize – to turn your product ideas into profitable reality in a timely manner.

During the past 20 years, ANALYZE has helped companies with their proven Analyze, Invent and Commercialize integrated process. These three process elements were applied to projects separately or in concert by a team of highly educated, insightful and responsive chemists and manufacturing experts with solid business backgrounds to achieve the goal of rapidly bringing products to market.

Using these integrated and turnkey processes, ANALYZE has successfully provided services and products that have yielded a competitive advantage to its clients.

ANALYZE is one of the premier independent consulting laboratories and specialty chemical product manufacturers in the United States that supports clients operating throughout the global economy. The company, headquartered in Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, has an international team of chemists with proven technical and business expertise.

ANALYZE is conveniently located at the southern Loop 101 and Loop 202 interchange; approximately 25 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. The company occupies 25,000 square foot custom designed laboratory and production facilities that provide for the characterization of organic-based materials and the creation and manufacture of specialty chemical products.

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