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With our 40 years of experience, Andax Industries is a company whose innovations are unparalleled in leak- and spill-control products. Andax designs, engineers and manufactures, in our own facilities, industry-leading leak- and spill-control products, secondary containment systems, decontamination showers and equipment, and flexible film liners. Since we manufacture our own products, we can customize any product to meet your exact needs. At Andax we strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations—every day!

We serve a variety of industries and institutions across the country and around the world: electric utilities, industrial facilities, municipalities, hazmat teams, law enforcement, fire departments, transportation companies, Homeland Security and other government entities.

Our Product Development Team is at the forefront of new materials and methods that can be utilized to provide cost-effective, efficient answers for your concerns. And it is this commitment to quality and to customized products for our customers that has always set Andax apart from the crowd.

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