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Category: Network and Communication Chips
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Pioneering the mmW revolution, we are a fabless semiconductor company providing highly integrated silicon IC solutions for mmW markets.

We have a unique R&D platform that focuses on systems engineering to assist our customers in extracting maximum value from our products. This platform is scalable to new frequency bands and applications and allows for flexible product development at a rate that we believe is much faster than industry standard. We put ourselves in our customer's shoes and investigate what we are able to do at the IC level to make their products and systems more effective.

New markets such as 5G and satellite communications are projected to require unprecedented numbers of active antennas, thus cost effective, highly integrated silicon solutions are necessary for a successful roll-out of the new systems.

Anokiwave, an ISO9001:2015 certified company, was founded in 1999. Our goal is to leverage our outstanding design capabilities to achieve the smallest, lowest cost, and best performing ICs for the mmW 5G, RADAR, SATCOM, and point-to-point markets. We are dedicated to providing the world's best mmW IC solutions.

We are a team of industry-leading designers, mentors and executives with a history of successful entrepreneurial experience. We are looking for outstanding and ambitious engineers that want to continually learn and design cutting-edge ICs. Every individual who works for us can have a huge impact on the success of the company and we are committed to generously sharing that success with our employees.

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