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Applied Motion Products began in 1978 with a handful of step motor customers in the Silicon Valley disk drive business. Today, Applied Motion serves a wide variety of industrial markets with a comprehensive offering of integrated motion control systems.

The right choice for your precision positioning needs:

A keen focus on the precise needs of their customers is key to their continuing success. Applied-Motion's trained, high tech distributors provide local sales and service support to users and OEMs.

Applications Experience

Applied-Motion has application experience across a wide variety of industries. Having solved hundreds of complex problems in motion control with both standard and custom solutions, new products are drivin by customer application needs. Success is measured by their customers’ growth.


Applied Motion does not take the “one size fits all” approach. Their engineers tailor their product’s form, fit and function. Applied-Motion works out the details to meet or exceed their customers’ schedules, delivery needs, packaging requirements etc..


Often, response time can make the difference between success and disappointment in a project. Applied-Motion understands the realities of what a quick decision and prototype can mean to a successful outcome.


Open discussion and a lively exchange of ideas encourages Applied-Motion to meet and exceed their mutual goals. Their online Wiki (open to all users of AMP products) hosts ideas and solutions contributed by a community of users. Many times the solution to a problem requires an group effort.

Support Network

To insure continuing customer success, Applied-Motion has put together a world class support system including: Support Tickets, Live Help, Interactive Training Tools.

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