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Category: Programmable Power Supplies
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6005 AC Power SourceAssociated Power Technologies, Inc. (APT) provides AC power sources for a variety of test & measurement, avionics, manufacturing, and military applications. All of our instruments utilize the latest technology and come standard with direct-coupled output, making them light weight and rugged. Our feature-rich user interfaces are designed with the operator in mind and include built-in safety features to protect the instrument, operator, and DUT.

The benefits of choosing APT only start when you purchase an instrument. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best service in the industry. When you choose APT, you’re choosing a partner that will continue to help you for the life of your product, no matter what the application. No competitor can match our dedication to service and support. With 24-hour shipment on our standard models and 48-hour turnaround on all repairs, AAT keeps your business up and running with minimal down-time.

While our competitors focus solely on performance/price ratios, we believe value doesn’t stop at the point of purchase. Our products come standard with a 2-year warranty. Should you ever experience a problem with your instrument, rest assured that we back your purchase with the best service and the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Learn more about our distinct product lines:

400XAC Series of 3 Phase AC Power Sources

300XAC Series Modular AC Power Sources300XAC Series

7000 Series Automated AC Power Sources

6000 Series Automated AC Power Sources

5000 Series Manual AC Power Sources

LS Series Linear AC Power Sources

VariPLUS™ Power Converter

Associated Power Technologies, Inc is changing the way the AC power source industry does business! Now that's the Power of Value!

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