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Category: Gearboxes and Gearheads
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ASSUN MOTOR is an innovative motor and motion technology and custom engineering services company that manufactures miniature motors and precision motion control technologies for performance-critical applications that save, improve and enhance lives. We continually develop state of the art miniature motor technologies to serve a spectrum of motion control applications to ensure a perfect fit for your individual applications.

Driven by our passion for innovation, technical excellence and quality service, ASSUN aspires to deliver the largest range of highly developed miniature and micro drive technologies from a single source. (Manufacturing process chain) Located in Shenzhen, China and (research centre based in Singapore), ASSUN is an international, innovative network with several clients worldwide that we use to harness our engineering talents to provide drive solutions that are optimally designed to meet a diverse possibilities of motion technology innovations.

Our global production network with harmonised international process standards creates solutions for competitive production and custom made devices that are optimally configured and designed for high performance engineering and extensive application expertise. With solutions that range from special components specially designed for complex mechatronic assemblies.


Our Capabilities

ASSUN MOTORS are designed with a variety of different types of magnets (customized according to the rated torque, cost, environment temperature requirements, etc) to suit the particular performance of the given motor type. We have invested heavily in the technology and the people required to design and develop products that meet the demands of the individual customer. If there is one definable difference in ASSUN, it is people. With employees who dedicate themselves to the task of reliable and successful cooperation is in our communication. Where requirements and wishes of our clients are often our focal motivation. Only by continuous exchange between our clients across the globe can we enable our lean manufacturing capability to rapidly convert prototypes into a cost-effective solution that fulfils your budget and performance.

Our coreless motor has very specific advantages, there is no cogging torque, so the audible noise and vibration have significantly reduced compared to that of traditional core motor. Due to special coil arrangement, the efficiency can up to 90% and largely exceeds that of traditional core motor for the same size and same application.

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