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Category: Plastic Tubing
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Atlantic Rubber Company is your full service source for high-quality precision rubber and plastic products. Serving:

  • industrial manufacturing
  • aerospace equipment
  • biomedical testing
  • food processing
  • laboratory equipment
  • medical device testing
  • military applications
  • vacuum industries
  • valve and pump equipment

They offer expertise in application design, advanced manufacturing procedures, and outstanding quality control.

They are proudly ISO 9001 certified.

Atlantic Rubber

  • o-rings (see photo below)
  • gaskets, various shapes and sizes die-cut, fabricated in a range of material
  • grommets (see our product announcements for photo of grommets)
  • tubing (see product announcements for photo of epdm (black) tubing)
  • custom rubber products (see stoppers & septa photo below) are available in full range of sizes and materials. Their huge in-house inventory includes Pure Gum, Latex, and Silicone tubing (commercial and medical grade).

Their Standard and Custom-Sized O-Rings come in a full range of elastomers.

Laboratory Applications demand the finest quality natural rubber and latex tubing, lab stoppers and septas. They carry standard sizes as well as custom produce products to your specifications.

Atlantic Rubber also offers packaging services for all commercial, industrial and military specifications. Their extensive experience with and knowledge of government requirements will ensure quality, efficiency, and standardized packaging of your orders.

Their commitment to quality and superior customer service is the basis for helping their customers meet challenging product requirements.


stoppers and sepa

Stoppers & Septa

Tubing: tan and red smooth and spiral wrap pure gum, amber latex, red smooth silicone