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Category: Compression Springs
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Atlantic Spring, Inc., an MW Industries company, is a full-range manufacturer of custom springs, wire forms, and assemblies since 1925. We are a leading supplier of custom parts for the aerospace and military/defense industries, but we also proudly serve a variety of markets including power generation, automotive, and industrial valves.

Our technical expertise and commitment to engineering make us one of the most innovative suppliers in the market today. Our customers know they can rely on us for quick quote turnaround, rapid prototyping, rigorous testing, and unique expertise in working with exotic materials. They also know our components will continue performing as specified year after year--even in the most extreme operating conditions.

We deliver with rapid response times for both large run orders and complex designs. We take pride in the close contact we maintain with our customers and the value we add throughout the design process. Our customers demand products that meet exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality. Our quality systems, unique processes, and equipment assure consistency and reliability for the most demanding jobs including lightweight, high-temperature, low-temperature, and high-corrosion applications.

MW Industries, Inc. (MWI) is comprised of several manufacturing locations and headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois. We are the largest and most diversified specialty spring and fastener manufacturer in the United States. Through decades of growth, innovation, and dedication, MWI has proven to be a world-class supplier of custom springs, fasteners and metal stampings.

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