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Category: UV Light Systems
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Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC, SF Walk-In Corrosion Exposure Cabinet

For more than 90 years, Atlas has pioneered innovations in the way companies test the durability of their products. From their first instrument in 1915 - the Solar Determinator - which simulated the fading effect the sun has on fabric, to today's comprehensive network of weathering testing instruments and services, their focus has remained the same:

Providing their customers with sophisticated technology and advanced testing solutions to determine how long their products will last. As a result, they can reach their ultimate goals: a quality product, a competitive edge, a faster time to marketAtlas Material Testing Technology LLC, Ci3000+ Xenon Weather-Ometer®.

Atlas is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and with its European headquarters in Linsengericht, Germany. Atlas has two design and manufacturing sites worldwide for the internationally accepted Weather-Ometer® and Xenotest® line of test instruments: Chicago, Illinois and Linsengericht, Germany.

With the combined resources of Atlas Material Testing Technology their clients can have expert assistance in all areas related to natural and laboratory weathering and material testing solutions. They work together to provide their clients with a test program that will supply the data needed to make informed material performance decisions.

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